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CJ's Elephant Antics (Aladdin Deck Enhancer Version) (Nintendo)One of several games planned for Camerica's Aladdin Deck Enhancer gaming device yet never released.
CJ in the USA (Sinclair ZX Spectrum)
Uncharted Waters Online (PC)
CJ's Elephant Antics (Sinclair ZX Spectrum)
CJ's Elephant Antics (Commodore Amiga)
CJ in the USA (Commodore)
CJ's 4th (Commodore)
CJ's Elephant Antics (Commodore)
CJ's Elephant Antics  (Commodore 64/128, 1991)CJ's Elephant Antics is a colorful, scrolling platformer with a few tricks in its trunk. The game's four main levels each span several screens, vertically as well as horizontally, and become increasingly more complicated, with many dead ends and...
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