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International Directory of Hemp Products and Suppliers by James Berry (1996...
Book: Strategic Procurement : Organizing Suppliers and Supply Chains for Competit... How many business leaders see procurement or supplier management as key disciplines? Manufacturers excluded, the answer is very few. And yet most organizations now spend more with their suppliers than they do on employing their staff. This book...
Book: Homeopathy Cures Where Alopathy Fails (2001, Paperback) The book written by an eminent surgeon who happened to explore the horizons of homeopathy, brings about a comparative study of both the leading medical fields-Homeopathy and Allopathy, to the best advantage of the patient. Through the proper case...
Book: Home Made Herbal Cosmetics by S.Suresh Babu (2002, Paperback) The fact that natural herbal products have a definite qualitative edge over chemical-based cosmetics is now universally acknowledged. But then is every herbal beauty solution as effective as it claims to be?In fact, a lot depends on the extent of...
Book: How to Draw Cartoons (1993, Paperback) Enjoy learning how to make figures! Discover a different talent in yourself, which would bring an added meaning to your life.
Book: Suppliers to the Confederacy : British Arms and Accoutrements by Craig L. B... In this book researchers Craig Barry and David Burt provide a fresh look at the incredible impact the English had on supplying the Confederacy and its effect on the U.S. Civil War. New research includes the discovery of lost information on many of...
Book: Purchasing Management Guide to Selecting Suppliers by William O. Ford (1995... 
Local Suppliers of Credit in the Third World, 1750-1945 (1993, Hardcover)
Book: Purchasing Power : Your Suppliers, Your Profits by Richard Russill (1997, P... Providing options for senior executives who are thinking about significant, strategic improvements in performance and market position, this text looks at purchasing best practice. It should be of interest to small/medium companies where purchasing...
Performing Collaborative Research with Nontraditional Military Suppliers by...This report discusses what the Army needs to do to attract more nontraditional military suppliers (NTMSs) and what specific Army organizations and associated technologies are best suited for a pilot program designed to attract NTMSs.
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