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Book: Dawn Vol. 1 : Lucifer's Halo by Joseph Michael Linsner (1997, Paperback) 
Book: The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple (1987, Paperback) 
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Book: The Fall of Sirius by Wil McCarthy (1996, Paperback) 
Book: The Sirius Connection : Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Egypt by Murry Hop... 
Book: Story Tree Vol. 4 by Mark Crilley (2007, Paperback) 
The Sirius Mystery by Robert K.G. Temple (1976, Book, Illustrated)
The Sirius Connection by Lazaris (1996, Paperback)
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Book: The Battle for Boach's Keep Vol. 7 by Mark Crilley (2004, Paperback) When the intergalactic mega-corporation Gothtek purchases Spuckler's home planet of Nostoram, the heroic space cowboy returns there to defend his family's property. But who's side will Akiko and her friends take in this conflict, when they discover...
Book: Stranded in Komura - Moonshopping Vol. 6 by Mark Crilley (2003, Paperback) Akiko's fearless crew crashes on a most unusual and fascinating planet: Earth! Taken in by a Japanese woman an dher elderly grandmother, the intergalactic heroes learn the wonders of Japanese culture. Soon after, the beloved characters journey to a...
Spooktacular Stories by Jill Thompson (2004, Paperback)A brand new collection! The whimsical ''Scary Godmother'' books are not just for Halloween anymore, so join the lovable monsters in their adventures throughout the year! First, Hannah Marie and her spooky friends quest for the magical Last Autumn...
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