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Book: The Sirius Mystery : New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years A... Convincing evidence that the Egyptian, Sumerian, and Dogon civilizations were founded by aliens from the Sirius star system who are now ready to return - Updated with 140 pages of new scientific evidence that solidifies the hypothesis that the KGB,...
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The Speed Mushing Manual : How to Train Racing Sled Dogs by Jim Welch (1989...
Book: Scary Godmother Vol. 1 by Jill Thompson (2003, Hardcover) One Halloween night, little Hannah Marie ventures out for Trick or Treats alongside her rotten older cousin, Jimmy. Unhappy to be saddled with Hannah, Jimmy cooks up a scheme to frighten her home early. But his plan backfires when Hannah gets help...
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Book: Story Tree Vol. 4 by Mark Crilley (2007, Paperback) 
Book: The Battle for Boach's Keep Vol. 7 by Mark Crilley (2004, Paperback) When the intergalactic mega-corporation Gothtek purchases Spuckler's home planet of Nostoram, the heroic space cowboy returns there to defend his family's property. But who's side will Akiko and her friends take in this conflict, when they discover...
Spooktacular Stories by Jill Thompson (2004, Paperback)A brand new collection! The whimsical ''Scary Godmother'' books are not just for Halloween anymore, so join the lovable monsters in their adventures throughout the year! First, Hannah Marie and her spooky friends quest for the magical Last Autumn...
Book: The Shadow of Sirius by W. S. Merwin (2008, Hardcover) "Merwin is one of the great poets of our age."-Los Angeles Times Book Review"The intentions of Merwin's poetry are as broad as the biosphere yet as intimate as a whisper."-The AtlanticThe nuanced mysteries of light, darkness, presence, and memory are...
Book: The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple (1999, Paperback) The most academically credible case for alien visitation. Is the existance of civilisation on earth the result of contact from inhabitants of a planet in the system of the star Sirius prior to 3000BC? There are tribal cultures in present-day Africa...
Book: How to Mutate and Take over the World by R. U. Sirius and St. Jude (1996, H... In the year 2000, a collection of computer hackers, artists, and free thinkers join Mondo Vanilli in a crusade to overthrow a censorship-crazed government which oppresses through technology.
Book: Dawn Vol. 1 : Lucifer's Halo by Joseph Michael Linsner (1997, Paperback) 
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