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Book: Thrills and Chills! by Cynthia Hands and Courtney Carbone (2013, Paperback) Disney's newest animated comedy-adventure "Frozen" journeys into theaters on November 27th. Young fans are sure to adore this Deluxe Paint Box book featuring more than 60 scenes to paint, complete with a paintbrush and 16 watercolors. Illustrations....
Book: Monster Garage : How to Custom Paint Damn near Anything by Dennis Parks (20... The Discovery Channel's Monster Garage series is one of the most popular shows on television today, and the line of branded how-to books are designed to satisfy the urges of viewers and fans eager to get their hands dirty trying some of the...
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Book: Faces : Learn to Paint Step by Step by Walter T. Foster (2003, Paperback) Few artistic subjects are as challenging as the human face and few are as satisfying to approach successfully! In Faces , acclaimed artist Walter T. Foster teaches you the basics of drawing facial features and beyond! Inside, you'll find the correct...
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Book: 336 Ten-Minute Quilt Blocks : To Foundation-Piece, Quick-Piece, Nosew Appli... Easy, fast, and fun to do! These 336 quilt blocks, adapted especially for the beginner, all use the simplest techniques--and many don't even require sewing. Start with a foundation piece, and layer on as many details as you'd like. Choose from dozens...
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Book: How to Paint Your Car by David H., Jr. Jacobs and Dennis W. Parks (2003, Pa... Dennis W. Parks and David H. Jacobs, Jr. Everything you need to know and everything you need to do to have perfect paint on your specialty car. This bookemphasizes what parts of the job a hobbyist can, and should, do himself and what should be left...
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Book: Figure : How to Draw and Paint the Figure with Impact by Sharon Pinsker (20... Why has power in the West assumed the form of an "economy," that is, of a government of men and things? If power is essentially government, why does it need glory, that is, the ceremonial and liturgical apparatus that has always accompanied it? In...
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Book: Oil and Acrylic - Flowers : Discover Techniques for Painting Fresh and Live... In this new addition to the How to Draw & Paintseries, accomplished artist Marcia Baldwin teaches aspiring artists how to paint stunning floral scenes in oil and acrylic. First, readers are introduced to all the tools and materials they'll need to...
Book: Drawing - Beginner's Guide Bk. 2 by William F. Powell (2003, Paperback) In this book, William F. Powell teaches you the basics of drawing and beyond Inside, you will find more than a dozen step-by-step demonstrations for rendering beautiful drawings in pencil. First the author covers the materials you will need to get...
Book: How to Paint Flames by Bruce Caldwell (2011, Paperback) Custom paint jobs are more popular than ever, and no form of custom painting is "hotter" than the flame job. The newest styles, tools, and techniques are described and shown in this newest edition of the best-selling How to Paint Flames. This book...
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Book: How to Paint Your Car on a Budget by Pat Ganahl (2006, Paperback) Author Pat Ganahl unveils dozens of secrets that will help anyone paint their own car. From simple scuff-and-squirt jobs to full-on, door-jambs-and-everything jobs, Ganahl covers everything you need to know.
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