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DVD: Anne of Green Gables Trilogy Box Set (DVD, 2005, 3-Disc Set) ANNE OF GREEN GABLES is based on Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel about a young orphan girl who steals the hearts of a lonely Canadian couple with her spirit and lively imaginationANNE OF GREEN GABLES - THE SEQUEL: This sequel to the original Anne of...
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DVD: Unforgiven (DVD, 2010) In Clint Eastwood's acclaimed Western, Little Bill Daggett (Gene Hackman), a sadistic, dictatorial sheriff, enforces gun control on a tiny frontier town, doling out his own brand of due process as he sees fit. When he denies justice to the...
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DVD: It (DVD, 2002) Get ready to get freaked out with "It". Movie aficionados can go for the DVD of this horror fantasy film for some great entertainment. On November 18th and November 20th, 1990, the film was aired on ABC as a two-part television movie. Based on...
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DVD: Anne of Green Gables - The Collection (DVD, 2008, 5-Disc Set, 20th Annivers... The "Anne of Green Gables" 20th Anniversary Collector's Edition is a set of DVDs that contains the entire series as well as several extras that were not aired on television. This drama follows a young girl who is an orphan and is raised by two...
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DVD: The Goonies (DVD, 2007) A thrill-a-minute adventure film. When brothers Mikey (Sean Astin) and Brand (Josh Brolin) learn that greedy developers are forcing their family to move, they and their friends decide to have one last, precious adventure together. With the help of a...
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DVD: Can't Buy Me Love (DVD, 2002) Ronny is secretly in love with Cindi, the most popular girl on campus. She finds herself in a desperate predicament and Ronny saves the day - for a price. Cindi must pose as Ronny's girl so that her popularity might rub off on him. But it's not as...
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DVD: The Green Berets (DVD, 2007) One of the first American films specifically about the Vietnam War was also one of the most hawkish, offering a pro-intervention perspective at the height of the conflict. Filmed along the conventions of a World War II action drama, a gung-ho colonel...
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DVD: Secondhand Lions (DVD, 2004, Platinum Series) Secondhand Lions is a comedy/drama that focuses around the life of a shy 14-year-old boy named Walter, played by Haley Joel Osment, who is sent to live with his two eccentric, but wealthy, uncles in Texas. The Platinum Series edition is formatted in...
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DVD: The Sopranos - The Complete First Season (DVD, 2000, 4-Disc Set, DVD Collec... This set includes the first 13 episodes of HBO's outstanding Emmy-winning series THE SOPRANOS, created by David Chase. Join Tony Soprano and both of his families--wife and kids, fellow wiseguys--as they try to balance their work and their lives. The...
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DVD: Rat Race (DVD, 2002, Sensormatic) An all-star cast proves just how far people will go for the chance to win $2 million in Jerry Zucker's RAT RACE. In the tradition of Zucker's AIRPLANE and NAKED GUN 2-1/2: THE SMELL OF FEAR, this film features wild chase scenes, slapstick comedy,...
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