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Book: Fellowship of the Burning Heart : A Collection of Sermons by A. W. Tozer (2... Viewed by his contemporaries as a preacher and writer with a prophetic edge, Tozer had a powerful effect on people. James Snyder has done a masterful job of selecting and transcribing sermons from his private collection of rare recordings, and has...
Your Right to Be Rich : America's Greatest Millionaire-Maker Shares his Sec...
Book: Foundation's Edge by Isaac Asimov (1992, Cassette, Abridged) "This book, while self-contained, is a continuation of the Foundation trilogy, which is made up of three books: Foundation, Foundation and empire, and Second foundation"--Afterword.
Book: Bob and Ray on a Platter CD RACD 8000 (1999, CD) 
Ruby Five Vol. 1 : The Land of Zoots Vol. 5 by Thomas M. Lopez (1998, CD, U...
Book: Forward the Foundation by Isaac Asimov (1993, Cassette, Abridged) A stunning testament to his creative genius. Forward The Foundation is a the saga's dramatic climax -- the story Asimov fans have been waiting for. An exciting tale of danger, intrigue, and suspense, Forward The Foundation brings to vivid life...
Rules for Decision by Kenneth Wapnick (1994, Cassette)
The Web of Specialness by Kenneth Wapnick (1994, Cassette)
Ten by Maugham by W. Somerset Maugham (1999, CD, Unabridged)
Incredible Adventures of Jack Flanders by Meatball Fulton (1981, Cassette, ...
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