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The Hart Foundation (VHS)Features some of the best matches in the career of WWF Tag Team Champions "The Hart Foundation" (Brett Hart and Jim Neidhart). Their opponents include the British Bulldogs and the Killer Bees. Also provides a tour of the Hart's secret offices and a...
VHS: Schindler's List (VHS, 2004, 2-Tape Set, Bonus - "Behind the Shoah Foundati... Based on a true story, SCHINDLER'S LIST is Steven Spielberg's epic drama of World War II Holocaust survivors and the man who unexpectedly came to be their savior. Unrepentant womanizer and war profiteer Oskar Schindler uses Polish Jews as cheap labor...
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VHS: Your Beautiful Secrets Volume 1: Foundation, Concealer, Powder (VHS, 1999) World famous makeup designer Leonard Engelman provides beauty tips that you can employ in your own daily life, making you seem even more attractive than you already are!
VHS: Self-Esteem: Building a Strong Foundation for Your Child (VHS, 2000) Part of the Skills of Successful Parenting video series, SELF-ESTEEM was created by David Brooks, Ph. D. and Rex Dalby, M.S. to address the importance of properly speaking to your child in order to promote a healthy mental development and...
VHS: Pilates Inspired Matwork - Foundation (VHS, 2000) The Pilates method of mat-based exercises emphasizes control as the means to achievement. This video will serve as an introduction to this philosophy by preparing your body for the core conditioning it will receive using Pilates inspired exercise.
VHS: Roscoe Beck - Blues Foundation (VHS, 2000) A look into traditional and contemporary blues bass guitar playing. Roscoe demonstrates shuffles, walking bass lines and 'guitar type' comps used in early blues playing.
Miami Dolphins 1987 - Foundation for the Future (VHS, 1989)Young players anchored the Dolphin defense while Dan Marino was on the offense. The season also marked the 25th year of Don Shula, who remains the winningest active coach in the league.
Elite Cheerleading: A Foundation for Championship Cheering (VHS, 1995)Sidelines, jumps, partner stunts, dance segments, pyramids, tosses and more are detailed by Mike and Theresa Nuzzo, founders of the renowned Elite Cheerleading camp.
Helping Your Child Succeed in School - V. 1 - Laying the Foundation (VHS)Tape 1 of the series, designed to gradually introduce preschoolers to the skills needed for successful integration into the kindergarten classroom.
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