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The Mormon Murders : A True Story of Greed, Forgery, Deceit, and Death by S...
Book: The Forgery of Venus by Michael Gruber (2009, Paperback) An artist born outside his time, Chaz Wilmot can paint like Leonardo, Goya, Gainsborough-and he refuses to shape his talent to fit the fashion of the day. His unique abilities attract the attention of Werner Krebs, an art dealer with a dark past and...
Book: The Fake : Forgery and Its Place in Art by Sandor Radnoti and Sándor Radnót... S_ndor Radn-ti looks at forgeries, artistic reproductions, replicas, variations, and pastiches in order to study the dilemmas surrounding artistic illusion and _poetic license._ He reveals how forgeries as the parasites of art make clear and...
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Book: The Forgery of the Old Testament and Other Essays by Joseph McCabe (1993, P... Is the creation story in Genesis nothing more than a botched version of a Babylonian myth? Is "free will" illusory? Are the Jesuits really educated men? In these three classic essays"The Forgery of the Old Testament," "The Myth of Immortality," and...
Authenticity in Art: The Scientific Detection of Forgery by Stuart James Fl...
Book: The Forgery of Venus by Michael Gruber (2008, Hardcover) Chaz Wilmot is a painter born outside his time. He possesses a virtuosic command of the techniques of the old masters. He can paint like Leonardo, Goya, Gainsborough-artists whose works sell for millions-but this style of painting is no longer...
Book: The Boy Who Would Be Shakespeare : A Tale of Forgery and Folly by Doug Stew... In the winter of 1795, a frustrated young writer named William Henry Ireland stood petrified in his father's study as two of England's most esteemed scholars interrogated him about a tattered piece of paper that he claimed to have found in an old...
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Forgery in Christianity by Joseph Wheless (1976, Hardcover)
Art Forgery : The Case of the Lady of Elche by John F. Moffitt (1995, Hardc...From the foreword: "I am now wholly convinced that the Lady of Elche is a blatant counterfeit." "[Moffitt] makes clear the important archaeological and art historical position the Lady of Elche has occupied within the history of ancient Mediterranean...
Detecting Forgery : Forensic Investigation of Documents by Joe Nickell (199..."Joe Nickell's Detecting Forgery guides the reader through the process of sniffing out fake documents. The book begins by explaining the evolution of handwriting and moves on to cover topics as varied as spectral analysis and the use of microscopes...
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