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DVD: Pixie Hollow Games (DVD, 2013, Pixie Party Edition; Includes Digital Copy; ... Tinker Bell and spirited newcomer Chloe (voice of Brenda Song) compete for the garden-fairy team at the legendary Pixie Hollow Games, a tournament-style sporting event, and try to break the team's equally legendary losing streak.
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DVD: Yu-Gi-Oh!: GX - Vol. 3: The King of Copycats (DVD, 2007) It's an epic clash of cards in this Yu-Gi-Oh adventure. When someone steals the King of Game's deck, it's up to Jaden to challenge the thief to a match. But this could be a tough battle to win since Jaden will be playing against the world's strongest...
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DVD: 101 Fitness Games For Kids At Camp - Vol. 6: Cardiovascular Games (DVD, 200... This volume of 101 FITNESS GAMES FOR KIDS AT CAMP focuses on activities that build cardiovascular health.
Candy Land - The Great Lollipop Adventure (DVD, 2005)The classic children's board game Candy Land springs to animated life in a fun-filled, feature-length cartoon geared toward the preschool set. THE GREAT LOLLIPOP ADVENTURE follows a gingerbread boy named Jib as he travels the Rainbow Road in search...
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DVD: School of Duel: Unauthorized Learn Yu-Gi-Oh! - Level Three: Master Duelist ... SCHOOL OF DUEL teaches kids how to play the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game in a series of easy-to-follow, live-action demonstrations. This third volume is aimed at master players and offers tips on advanced strategies, covering such topics as staple...
DVD: Bob the Builder - Snowed Under: Bogglesberg Winter Games (DVD, 2004) Bob the Builder is a favorite of the preschool set, known for his friendly, endearing manner and his can-do attitude when it comes to just about anything. In SNOWED UNDER, a full-length feature film, it's up to Bob and his friends to get everything...
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DVD: Sesame Street - Play-Along Games & Songs (DVD, 2005, 3-Disc Set) The whole family can get involved when Big Bird and his friends lead you in a series of games to play and songs to sing.
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DVD: Elmo's World - Birthdays, Games & More (DVD, 2002) Elmo and friends celebrate birthdays with this fun and educational program. First, Elmo's friend Mr. Noodle shows how to wrap gifts. Then we see how to make a birthday cake and how to play several party games. Later, Elmo and company look into the...
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DVD: Franklin: Favorite Turtle Tales (DVD, 2004) This program contains eight episodes of the popular Nickelodeon children's series. Episodes include: FRANKLIN RIDES A BIKE, FRANKLIN AND THE TOOTH FAIRY, HURRY UP FRANKLIN, FRANKLIN GOES TO SCHOOL, FRANKLIN CAMPS OUT, FRANKLIN'S BLANKET, FRANKLIN...
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DVD: Duel Masters - Show Me the Mana (DVD, 2005) In the tradition of YU-GI-OH, the action-packed anime series DUEL MASTERS follows the adventures of a group of kids who play a mystical card game that magically brings its battling creatures to life. As the son of a famous dueling master, teenager...
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