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VHS: Sesame Street's 25th Birthday: A Musical Celebration (VHS, 1993) A Silver Jubilee Gala for the critters and folks at Sesame Street with a retrospective on the show's illustrious history.
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VHS: It Zwibble Earth Day Birthday (VHS, 1992) A comical clan of modern-day dinosaur babies hatch from magical eggs and throw a birthday bash for planet Earth. These enchanting little creatures are completely dedicated to protecting the planet.
VHS: Barney - Barney's Birthday (VHS, 1992) It's party time for Barney and his friends. They throw the best party ever, using classroom materials and lots of imagination. Along with the fun and games, they are introduced to birthday customs from other parts of the world. And a little girl...
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VHS: Bananas in Pajamas - Birthday Special (VHS, 1996) The Teddies, friends of those Aussie Bananas in Pajamas twins, prepare for B1 and B2's birthdays in five separate stories. Created for pre-school age children.
VHS: Blue's Clues - Blue's Birthday (VHS, 1998) It's Blue's birthday and we're all invited to the party! Let's help Steve (a really nice guy, in case you didn't know) with all the preparations, and play Blue's Clue's (a really fun game) to help Steve figure out what Blue (a funny cartoon dog)...
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Arthur - Arthur's Birthday (VHS)Based on Marc Brown's popular children's books, PBS' educational television series ARTHUR follows the animated adventures of the loveable aardvark as he works through problems and learns valuable life lessons. This volume features three fun-filled...
VHS: Birthday Boy (VHS) A comedy written by and starring Jim Belushi about an incompetent sporting goods salesman on his disastrous 30th birthday.
VHS: Bloody Birthday (VHS, 2003) Three unusually ill-mannered children plot to commit a series of gruesome family murders before they reach the ripe age of ten. AKA "Creeps."
The Dain Curse (VHS, 1993, Unedited mini-series version for Hammett's 100th...Originally released as a five-hour miniseries, this murder mystery based on the book by Dashiell Hammett (THE MALTESE FALCON, THE THIN MAN) stars Acadamy Award winner James Coburn (THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN) as money-minded detective Hamilton Nash....
VHS: Happy Birthday to Me (VHS) After losing her memory in a freak accident, Anderson returns to her school and an exclusive club. Days before her birthday the club members are gruesomely murdered.
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