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DVD: The Biggest Loser: The Workout - Cardio Max (DVD, 2007) Television's most popular trainers prove viewers can achieve the same results as THE BIGGEST LOSER contestants by doing these three different cardio workouts plus warm up and cool down segments at home. Viewers will get a well-rounded workout...
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DVD: Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred (DVD, 2008) Shed those excess pounds and live a healthy life with the "Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred" DVD. Hosted by Jillian Michaels, a top TV trainer herself, this amazing fitness program features a 60-minute circuit workout. This workout session is believed...
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DVD: The Biggest Loser - The Workout: Weight Loss Yoga (DVD, 2008) Shed those extra pounds with the help of "The Biggest Loser - The Workout: Weight Loss Yoga" DVD. Based on a popular television show, “The Biggest Loser,” this fitness DVD includes various methods that help you burn fat, lose weight, and build...
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DVD: Element: The Mind Body Experience - Yoga for Weight Loss (DVD, 2009) The Element series emphasizes yoga�s mind-body connection and both the physical fitness and mental clarity that come from its regular practice. Instructor Ashley Turner leads this invigorating routine designed to promote weight loss through vinyasa...
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DVD: Jillian Michaels - Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (DVD, 2009) Fitness superstar Jillian Michaels knows the key to losing weight and sculpting a toned body is tapping into one�s own metabolism. This precisely crafted, 40-minute cardio workout helps exercisers harness that power.
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DVD: Jillian Michaels: Shred-It With Weights (DVD, 2010) Jillian Michaels: Shred-It With Weights is an exercise DVD produced by Lions Gate Studios and released on September 7, 2010. Jillian Michaels is famous for her role as a personal trainer to the stars and the Jillian Michaels: Shred-It With Weights...
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DVD: Jillian Michaels - No More Trouble Zones (DVD, 2009) With this superior workout program, take-no-prisoners fitness trainer Jillian Michaels has developed a regimen designed to tackle the body�s common problem areas.
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DVD: Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss (DVD, 2000) Although pitched toward a weight loss clientele, this video also serves the general population as an excellent multi-level yoga class, taught by respected Iyengar instructor Suzanne Deason. Three students, representing three different ability levels,...
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DVD: Trudie Styler's Weight Loss Yoga (DVD, 2011) Fitness expert and actress Trudie Styler hosts this yoga based workout program that she endorses herself for busy women who need to to keep fit, focusing on intense resistance as well as the power of dynamic flow between movements, in order to...
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DVD: Leslie Sansone - 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk (DVD, 2008) Walk, don't run, to a slimmer body with this workout system from Leslie Sansone. These easy-to-do routines allow viewers to reap the health benefits of a five-mile walk from the comfort of their own homes. What's more, each mile of their journey is...
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