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Game: Star Ocean: The Last Hope -- International  (Sony Playstation 3, 2010) Sci-fi role-players return to the Star Ocean for the first time in The Last Hope, a prequel game set centuries before the original game's story began. Gameplay begins in the year S.D. 10, or about 2087 A.D. Humanity has waged World War III, and Earth...
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Game: White Knight Chronicles: International Edition  (Sony Playstation 3, 2010) White Knight Chronicles is a console-style role-playing game designed exclusively for PlayStation 3, set in a fantasy world of magic, monsters, and melee combat. Battle progresses with a real-time flow, in which players can control any character in...
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Game: FIFA International Soccer  (Super NES, 1994) Electronic Arts' first soccer game for the Super Nintendo features a three-quarter perspective of the field, crowd chants in stereo sound, detailed animation, and moves such as diving headers, slide tackles and bicycle kicks. Be careful with those...
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Game: International Superstar Soccer 64  (Nintendo 64, 1997) The first soccer game on Nintendo 64 offers six game modes and support for up to four simultaneous players. Thirty-six international teams are available, from Argentina to Wales, each with 16 players individually rated in such areas as power,...
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Game: FIFA International Soccer  (Genesis, 1993) Electronic Arts debuts their first soccer title for the Sega Genesis with FIFA International Soccer. The game is played entirely from a three-quarter perspective, offering a different view from previous soccer games on the system. Players also sport...
Game: International Superstar Soccer '98  (Nintendo 64, 1998) Konami's sequel to International Superstar Soccer 64 features over 17,000 motion-captured animations, commentary by U.K. announcer Tony Gubba and an additional camera view, allowing players the option to play from a vertical perspective of the field....
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Freefall 3050 A.D.  (Nuon, 2000)It is 3050 A.D. and you are a cop, but your daily duties involve leaping out of windows and pursuing criminals while plummeting towards the ground at breakneck speed. There are no parachutes, wings, or jetpacks to help the characters move about;...
Game: World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International  (Sony PlayStation 2, 2004) First scoring on North American consoles in 2003 with its sixth edition, Konami's critically acclaimed soccer simulation series returns to the U.S. and Canada in World Soccer Winning Eleven 7 International. This version of the game ups the number of...
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Game: World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 International  (Xbox, 2005) Popular in Europe and Japan (where it's known as Pro Evolution), Konami's World Soccer series boasts intensely realistic action on the pitch, where gamers must employ the strategies, tactics, and maneuvers of real-world professional soccer to score...
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Game: International Superstar Soccer 2000  (Nintendo 64, 2000) 
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