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UMD: Hero (UMD, 2005) Zhang Yimou, the director of such Chinese epics as RED SORGHUM, RAISE THE RED LANTERN, JU DOU, and SHANGHAI TRIAD, takes his first stab at a period martial arts film and succeeds wildly, making an intelligent, carefully crafted drama that pays...
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UMD: House of Flying Daggers (UMD, 2005, Universal Media Disc) Following up his award-winning martial-arts drama HERO, director Zhang Yimou (JU DOU, RAISE THE RED LANTERN) tells an intricately detailed love story in the swordfighting epic HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, set during the final days of the Tang Dynasty. A...
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UMD: Kung Fu Hustle (UMD, 2005) Stephen Chow's follow-up to SHAOLIN SOCCER ups the over-the-top action quotient by about three zillion percent. The story is set in 1930s Hong Kong, with Chow as a shaggy-haired, would-be bad guy named Sing, who gets caught up in the middle of a war...
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House of Fury (UMD, 2006)Hong Kong actor/director Stephen Fung (GEN-X COPS, ENTER THE PHOENIX) and legendary action choreographer Woo Ping Yuen (KUNG FU HUSTLE, KILL BILL, THE MATRIX, CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON) team up for the martial-arts comedy HOUSE OF FURY. Teddy...
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