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DVD: The Shaolin 36 Beads (DVD, 2003, Brooklyn Zu Collection) THE SHAOLIN 36 BEADS provides non-stop kung fu action and fighting!
DVD: Prayer Beads (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set) Nine tales of mind-bending, fantastical horror are linked by nine prayer beads in this frightening anthology from Masahiro Okano.
DVD: The Beads of One Rosary (DVD, 2007) In Kazimierz Kutz's comedy of protest (filmed in 1980), an old miner defies the pressure and threats of Communist officials trying to force him and his wife to move out of their cottage and into a concrete retirement home.
DVD: A String of Blue Beads & A Star Shall Rise (DVD, 2005) 
DVD: A Different Kind of Christmas/Blessed Midnight/Christmas with the King Fami... This four-pack of holiday-themed films includes A DIFFERENT KIND OF CHRISTMAS, THE BLESSED MIDNIGHT, A STRING OF BLUE BEADS, and CHRISTMAS WITH THE KING FAMILY.
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