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VHS: Spice World (VHS, 1998, Closed Captioned) Big-screen shenanigans from the Spice Girls, who cavort harmlessly in backstage vignettes whilst changing costumes, mugging in the kitschy environs of their Union Jack tour bus (piloted by no less significant a personage than Meat Loaf), and evading...
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VHS: The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (VHS, 1996) In this comic mystery film, bumbling, small-town typesetter Luther Heggs tries to solve a murder so he can prove he has what it takes to become a reporter. Luther thinks he's seen a ghost in a house where a killing has taken place. However, when he...
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Rescue 911: World's Greatest Rescues (VHS, 1997)Dramatic accounts and recreations of harrowing brushes with disaster and the men and women who helped to avert it. Includes stories from New Zealand, the U.S., Austria, Russia, and Belgium. From the popular reality television series.
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VHS: Oliver and Company (VHS, 1996) Disney brings Charles Dickens' tale of orphaned pickpockets in the streets of London to the screen with a colorful cast of canine characters. Oliver (voiced by Joey Lawrence) is an orphaned kitten lost in Manhattan until he meets up with the Dodger,...
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VHS: The Black Cauldron (VHS, 1998) Young would-be warrior Taran searches for the titular magic vessel, lest it fall into the dastardly hands of the evil Horned King and allow him to summon an army of the undead. Fortunately, assisting in his quest are a feisty princess, the furry,...
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VHS: Tae Bo Workout 2 Pack (VHS, 1998, 2-Tape Set, Basic and Instructional Video... Celebrity fitness instructor and martial arts champion Billy Blanks leads a group of participants in a series of highly effective and hugely fun Tae Bo kickboxing exercise routines. This two tape set contains an Introduction in which the basic moves...
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WWF - Summerslam '98 (VHS, 1998)Summerslam '98, or "Highway to Hell" features Sable vs. Jacqueline, D'Lo Brown vs. Val Venis, The Rock vs. Triple H (ladder match!), Ken Shamrock vs. Owen Hart in the Lion's Den and much much more!
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VHS: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (VHS, 2000, Widescreen Collector's ... The first of three prequels to George Lucas's celebrated STAR WARS films, EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE is set some 30 years before the original STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE in the era of the Republic. Naboo, a peaceful planet governed by the...
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Pok�mon the First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back (VHS, 2000, Clamshell)The first major motion picture from the Pokemon empire is sure to keep children coming back for more. When a scientist clones a Pokemon named Mew, the resulting clone, Mewtwo, begins cloning Pokemons as well. Enter Ash Ketcham, who travels to the...
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VHS: The Sopranos - The Complete First Season (VHS, 2000, 5-Tape Set) This set includes the first 13 episodes of HBO's outstanding Emmy-winning series THE SOPRANOS, created by David Chase. Join Tony Soprano and both of his families--wife and kids, fellow wiseguys--as they try to balance their work and their lives. The...
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