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VHS: Son of Godzilla (VHS) The second in the "island" trilogy, SON OF GODZILLA opens with a group of scientists on a deserted island performing weather experiments; they soon discover that nuclear activity has mutated insects on the island into huge preying mantises. They...
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VHS: Return to Oz (VHS, 1999, Full Frame Anniversary Edition) This sequel to THE WIZARD OF OZ adheres to author L. Frank Baum's wonderful fantasy novels as Dorothy returns to Oz where she battles a powerful Gnome King and a vain witch. Helping her are a cute robot named Tik Tok, a gangly jack 'o' lantern, and a...
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VHS: Shag, The Movie (VHS, 1998, Movie Time) Four best friends from the American South decide on a final round of wild parties, romantic interludes and true love experiences before going their separate ways. They gather up their recently engaged girlfriend and head to Myrtle Beach to have their...
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VHS: Sleepaway Camp (VHS, 2000, Slipsleeve) What superficially appears to be an ordinary '80s horror flick is actually, upon deeper inspection, something much more bizarre. Hints of incest, transsexuality, and homoeroticism lie beneath the surface in this story of a summer camp where employees...
VHS: So Dear to My Heart (VHS, 1992) This delightful Disney film which combines live-action with animation, tells the story of a young boy who takes his ill-tempered black sheep to the county fair in the hope of winning a medal. This heartwarming and nostalgic film also includes several...
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VHS: The Three Caballeros (VHS, 1997) Donald Duck celebrates his birthday, Latin American style, in this collection of Disney cartoons from the World War II era. This colorful blend of live action and animation includes the Donald Duck cartoon "Don's Fountain of Youth" and "Pueblo...
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VHS: The Thrill of It All (VHS, 1996) Day and Garner, a successful upper-middle class couple with two children, find their blissful domestic life tested when Day becomes bored and accepts a job. The sweet rewards of a two-income household brings some hilarious moments.
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VHS: WWF - WrestleMania 5 (VHS, 1999) Features such favorites as Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, and Roddy Piper. Run D.M.C. performs their rap tune "Wrestle Rap," Piper interviews Morton Downey Jr., and much more.
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Star Wars Trilogy (VHS, 1996, 3-Tape Set, Special Collector's Letterbox Set...One of the most exhilarating and influential trilogies in the history of motion pictures, George Lucas's sci-fi spectacular continues to capture the hearts and minds of individuals throughout the world. This release contains the STAR WARS trilogy...
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VHS: The Ewok Adventure (VHS, 1990) Mace and his little sister, Cindel, befriend a magical Ewok and embark on a quest to find their missing parents in a journey that leads them into the most secret regions of Endor.
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