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Book: The Island of Lost Luggage by Janet Mcadams and Janet McAdams (2000, Paperb... " . . . at the Island of Lost Luggage, they line up: the disappeared, the lost children, the Earharts of modern life. It's your bad luck to die in the cold wars of certain nations. But in the line at Unclaimed Baggage, no one mourns for the sorry...
Book: Someday I Want to Go to All the Places My Luggage Has Been by Gene Perret (... If you've ever packed a bag, flown commercially, motored across America, or gone shopping for souvenirs for the people back home, this book is for you. Someday I Want to Go to All the Places My Luggage Has Been is a book the whole family -- from...
Book: Dr. Broth and Ollie's Brain-Boggling Search for the Lost Luggage : Across T... The editors of "Discover" magazine's popular "Bogglers" page knit together puzzles of every kind to create a zany adventure story that challenges readers to solve the puzzles along with the characters. Illustrations.
Hand Luggage : A Personal Anthology by John Bayley (2001, Hardcover)
I Came, I Saw, I Lost My Luggage by Peter Biddlecombe (1997, Paperback)
Book: Old-Fashioned Luggage Labels by Carol Belanger Grafton (2002, Book, Other) Evocative of luxury ocean liners and steamer trunks packed with elegant evening clothes, this treasury of antique luggage labels reveals a glamorous bygone age. Fifty colorful, stylish stickers recall the grand hotels of Rome, Cairo, London,...
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A Pony in the Luggage by Gunnel Linde (1968, Book, Illustrated)
Luggage Labels from the Great Age of Shipping by Victoria and Albert Museum...
Book: Baggage Handlers : My Road to Letting Go of Life's Painful Luggage by Sandr... Emotional baggage. It could be contained within a shoulder bag, a cosmetic case or something as humongous as a steamer trunk. You either have it or you don't. Most do and the unfortunate thing about it is that most cannot let go of it as easily as it...
Landscapes under the Luggage Rack by Greg Norden (2001, Book, Illustrated)
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