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Book: Old-Time Travel Posters and Luggage Labels by Dover Clip Art Editors (2005,... These colorful illustrations, brimming with nostalgia, evoke the good life at elegant hotels and resorts -- from Monte Carlo to Pasadena and from Atlantic City to Bangkok. A treasury of lush graphics for commercial artists, designers, scrapbookers...
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Book: A Zoo in My Luggage by Gerald Durrell (2005, Paperback) Fans of Gerald Durrell's timeless classic My Family and Other Animals will love this hilarious tale, which finds him as an adult still charmed by his beloved animals. A Zoo in My Luggage begins with an account of Durrell's third trip to the British...
Book: Lost Luggage by David A. Taylor (2004, Paperback) 
CD: Left Luggage at the Peveril Hotel by Six by Seven (CD, Feb-2005, Saturday) 
Book: No Fancy Goods,Hand Luggage Only by Ellen McFarlane (2005, Paperback) War shatters lives and families, no matter whose 'side' you are supposedly on. For Ellen, a young German girl, and her family, it means dispossession and dispersion. With no knowledge of her father's whereabouts, she and her family travel across...
Book: Hand Luggage : A Memoir in Verse by P. K. Page (2006, Paperback) 'It has become customary in Canada to describe P. K. Page as ''distinguished'', but that epithet betrays her. P. K. Page is simply too vivacious, too cunning, too elusive, to be monumentalized. She is in fact the supreme escape artist of our...
Book: Color Your Own Old-Fashioned Travel Posters and Luggage Labels by Eric Gott... First-class coloring fun is on the itinerary with 30 full-page images of glamorous vacation spots from Venice, Cannes, and Monte Carlo to Sun Valley, Luna Park, and Atlantic City. All artwork is based on authentic posters and labels of the period.
Book: Luggage from Elsewhere by A. G. Thomas (2007, Paperback) Exploring the emergence of political identity, which grows from class to national consciousness, this novel follows a boy coming of age near Swansea who belongs to the baby-boom generationbut this is a time and place of bust. Eight-strong at the...
Book: Somebody's Luggage by Charles Dickens (2007, Paperback) Introduced with Dickens' characteristic wit and descriptive skill, and boasting contributions by four eminent Victorian writers, 'Somebody's Luggage' is a wonderful composite of tales which will appeal to any struggling writer.
Book: The Lost Luggage Porter by Andrew Martin (2008, Paperback) From the author of The Necropolis Railway and The Blackpool Highflyer comes another ingenious thriller featuring Jim Stringer. It is winter 1906 and Jim has been promoted from sleuth to official railway detective for York station. His first day on...
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