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DVD: Game of Death (DVD, 2001) This production utilizes a short amount of footage from Bruce Lee's final, uncompleted film. The story line concerns the daring feats of a kung fu actor in his fight against a syndicate which exploits entertainers.
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DVD: Hard Boiled (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set, Ultimate Edition) When a tough police officer's (Chow Yun-Fat) partner is brutally murdered, he joins forces with another loose-cannon cop (Tony Leung) to exact his own bloody revenge on the gun-smuggling gangsters responsible for his friend's death. A lot of action,...
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DVD: Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (DVD, 2012) An excessively gory, over-the-top adaptation of the extreme manga "Riki Oh." When his drug-addled girlfriend commits suicide, the titular hero kills her dealer and finds himself locked up in a privatized prison where the accused have no rights. The...
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DVD: Shaolin and Wu Tang (DVD, 2003) A dissembling Shaolin master schemes to learn the secret sword style of the Shaolin and Wu-Tang warriors by turning two lifelong friends against one another in hopes that their rivalry will result in duels.
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DVD: Five Deadly Venoms (DVD, 2009) As the master of the Poison Clan lies dying, he sends his one faithful disciple to hunt down the five "Venoms," former students now turned to evil. But each of the students has his own special kung-fu skill, and besting them may be impossible.
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DVD: Mad Monkey Kung Fu (DVD, 2011) Not only is kung fu master Chen crippled, but he is then forced to watched the villainous gangsters who handicapped him sell his sister into prostitution. Depressed and dejected, he takes to the streets with a pet monkey and embarks on a life of...
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DVD: Ebola Syndrome (DVD, 2007) When Sam is caught sleeping with his boss's wife, he kills several people and flees to Africa. There he begins to kill other people and serve them in the restaurant he now owns, spreading the deadly Ebola virus to all who eat there. After the...
DVD: Invincible Pole Fighter (DVD, 2010) Gordon Liu (SHAOLIN MASTER KILLER) stars in this classic HK kung fu movie as the fifth Yang brother of nine, all of whom are trained in the art of pole fighting by two monks. However, when treachery breeds among the brothers, it is up to the fifth...
DVD: Chinese Connection 2 (DVD) Bruce Li stars as Chen in this hard-hitting, bone-crushing sequel to FISTS OF FURY that pits Chen against a cruel mob of fighters that have brutally killed his mother. There's no stopping Chen now as he's hell-bent on getting revenge!
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DVD: Shaolin Soccer (DVD, 2011) Hong Kong satirist Stephen Chow wrote, directed, and stars in this hilarious spoof of sports and kung fu movie cliches. Chow plays "Mighty Steel Leg" Sing, who can kick soda cans through walls, and is a natural soccer star in the eyes of crippled...
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