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DVD: Deadly Duo (DVD, 2008) When the Yuan dynasty rulers are threatened by the Mongol horde, the titular duo--a pair of lethal swordsmen--protect the imperiled imperial prince.
DVD: Five Deadly Venoms (DVD, 2009) As the master of the Poison Clan lies dying, he sends his one faithful disciple to hunt down the five "Venoms," former students now turned to evil. But each of the students has his own special kung-fu skill, and besting them may be impossible.
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DVD: Mad Monkey Kung Fu (DVD, 2011) Not only is kung fu master Chen crippled, but he is then forced to watched the villainous gangsters who handicapped him sell his sister into prostitution. Depressed and dejected, he takes to the streets with a pet monkey and embarks on a life of...
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DVD: Ebola Syndrome (DVD, 2007) When Sam is caught sleeping with his boss's wife, he kills several people and flees to Africa. There he begins to kill other people and serve them in the restaurant he now owns, spreading the deadly Ebola virus to all who eat there. After the...
DVD: Invincible Pole Fighter (DVD, 2010) Gordon Liu (SHAOLIN MASTER KILLER) stars in this classic HK kung fu movie as the fifth Yang brother of nine, all of whom are trained in the art of pole fighting by two monks. However, when treachery breeds among the brothers, it is up to the fifth...
DVD: Shanghai Knights (DVD, 2003) In this entertaining sequel to SHANGHAI NOON, Chon Wang (Jackie Chan) and Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson) are reunited on an adventure that leads them to Great Britain. Upon hearing of his father's murder in China at the hands of Englishman Lord Rathbone...
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DVD: Shaolin Soccer (DVD, 2011) Hong Kong satirist Stephen Chow wrote, directed, and stars in this hilarious spoof of sports and kung fu movie cliches. Chow plays "Mighty Steel Leg" Sing, who can kick soda cans through walls, and is a natural soccer star in the eyes of crippled...
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Book: The Infertility Cure : The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pre... * The ancient Chinese wellness programme for getting pregnant and having healthy babies
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All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes by Pete Townshend (CD, Sep-1988, Atl...Personnel: Pete Townshend (vocals, guitar, keyboards); Peter Hope-Evans (harmonica); Virginia Astley (piano); Chris Stainton (keyboards); John Lewis (Fairlight CMI); Tony Butler (bass); Mark Brzezicki, Simon Phillips (drums); Jody Linscott...
DVD: Rush Hour 3 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set, Special Edition) In director Brett Ratner's RUSH HOUR 3, African-American cop James Carter (Chris Tucker) once again reunites with Chinese inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) to both taunt and battle bad guys. Whereas the first movie was on Carter's turf, and the second was...
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