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2012 Silver Chinese Panda 1 oz - MS-69 NGC
2014 1 oz Silver Chinese Panda - MS-69 NGC (Early Releases)
DVD: Chinese Zodiac (DVD, 2014) 
Book: Wing Chun Kung Fu : Traditional Chinese King Fu for Self-Defense and Health... Discusses the history and philosophy of Wing Chun, a Chinese form of kung fu, and offers principles, techniques, and practical applications for self-defense.
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Book: Chinese Jump Rope by Anne Akers Johnson (1997, Mixed Media) A guide to the universally popular playground game, Chinese JumpRope come with two sturdy elastic ropes in different colours andlengths. Features illustrated step-by-step instructions for ninedifferent games, as well as how to make your own Chinese...
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DVD: Tai Chi Master (DVD, 2000) A pair of lifelong friends are expelled from their Shaolin temple after being accused of cheating. Tienbao becomes a powerful and oppressive military leader while the other, Junbao, (Li) joins the rebels. Only the discipline of Tai Chi can help...
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DVD: The Legend of Drunken Master (DVD, 2011) This sequel to 1978's DRUNKEN MASTER features Jackie Chan returning to his role as the mischievous martial artist who outsmarts his father and tangles with Euro-thugs in the streets of Hong Kong in order to rescue stolen Chinese artifacts. Chan...
DVD: Shanghai Triad (DVD, 2000) Rival Chinese gangs use an alluring and intelligent prostitute as a go-between, subtly tempting each other to make a false move in this acclaimed thriller.
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DVD: Iron Monkey (DVD, 2002) Yuen Woo-Ping's exhilarating martial arts film stars Yu Rong Guang as Dr. Yang, a kind family doctor who charitably provides medicine and care to impoverished villagers, along with his assistant, Orchid (the lovely Jean Wang). Yang, however, also...
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DVD: Yi Yi (Blu-ray Disc, 2011, Criterion Collection) Focusing on a typical family--parents, two children, and an elderly grandmother--living in a small apartment in Taipei, YI YI (A ONE AND A TWO) is about the patterns of daily life. It includes a wedding, a funeral, a first date, a last date, a birth,...
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