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DVD: Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (DVD, 2012) An excessively gory, over-the-top adaptation of the extreme manga "Riki Oh." When his drug-addled girlfriend commits suicide, the titular hero kills her dealer and finds himself locked up in a privatized prison where the accused have no rights. The...
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DVD: Shaolin and Wu Tang (DVD, 2003) A dissembling Shaolin master schemes to learn the secret sword style of the Shaolin and Wu-Tang warriors by turning two lifelong friends against one another in hopes that their rivalry will result in duels.
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DVD: The Shaolin Drunken Monk (DVD, 2001, Master Killer Collection) After his father is murdered, the rightful heir to the Big Mantis Clan learns drunken kung fu from an old master. After mastering the Shaolin Fists and Eight Drunk Gods techniques, he is off to avenge his father's death. An action-packed film filled...
DVD: Yi Yi (DVD, 2006) Focusing on a typical family--parents, two children, and an elderly grandmother--living in a small apartment in Taipei, YI YI (A ONE AND A TWO) is about the patterns of daily life. It includes a wedding, a funeral, a first date, a last date, a birth,...
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DVD: Kiss of the Dragon (DVD, 2006, Widescreen; Sensormatic) The writers of THE FIFTH ELEMENT, Luc Besson (who also directed the Bruce Willis film) and Robert Mark Kamen, have teamed up again to deliver Jet Li in the action thriller KISS OF THE DRAGON. Li stars as Liu Jiuan, a Chinese agent so dedicated to his...
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DVD: Whispering Corridors (DVD, 2005) Ostensibly a teen fright-fest about a vengeful ghost, WHISPERING CORRIDORS follows in the best horror tradition of using the supernatural for displaced social commentary. The film is an illustration of the growing gap in Korean society between the...
DVD: The Medallion (DVD, 2003) Jackie Chan is back in action with THE MEDALLION, yet another fast-paced martial arts action-comedy. Chan plays Eddie Yang, a Hong Kong cop who is working with Interpol officer Arthur Watson (Lee Evans) in order to protect a gifted young child. Aware...
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Book: The Infertility Cure : The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pre... * The ancient Chinese wellness programme for getting pregnant and having healthy babies
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DVD: Hero (Blu-ray Disc) Zhang Yimou, the director of such Chinese epics as RED SORGHUM, RAISE THE RED LANTERN, JU DOU, and SHANGHAI TRIAD, takes his first stab at a period martial arts film and succeeds wildly, making an intelligent, carefully crafted drama that pays...
DVD: House of Flying Daggers (Blu-ray Disc, 2006) Following up his award-winning martial-arts drama HERO, director Zhang Yimou (JU DOU, RAISE THE RED LANTERN) tells an intricately detailed love story in the swordfighting epic HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, set during the final days of the Tang Dynasty. A...
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