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DVD: The Last Emperor (Blu-ray Disc, 2008, Criterion Collection) Although it is 160 minutes long and shot with breathtaking scope and sumptuousness, Bernardo Bertolucci's film is a story about claustrophobia. Pu Yi, the Manchurian emperor of China who ascended the throne in 1908 at the age of three, is a prisoner...
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DVD: Airheads (DVD, 2001) Chazz (Brendan Fraser), Pip (Adam Sandler), and Rex (Steve Buscemi) are the Lone Rangers, a heavy metal rock group that's going nowhere fast. Tired of playing lame gigs and trying to win over record executives, the band heads to its local radio...
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DVD: Once Upon a Time in China 1, 2 & 3 (DVD, 2003, 2-Disc Set) The first 3 chapters in Tsui Hark's spectacular saga of ancient China starring Jet Li as folk hero doctor Wong Fei-Hong are including in this box set. See individual titles for details.
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Cymbals: Zildjian Oriental 16" ChinaCymbal These are uniquely designed cymbals and effects taht create innovative sound colors. Add character and variety to any setup. Authentic trashy Chinese sound. Very fast, explosive response with rapid decay.
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Cymbals: Zildjian Oriental 18" ChinaCymbal Get amazing trashy sound with the Zildijan oriental Cymbal. This 18 inch Cymbal is very fast and gives an explosive response that will make your audience love it so much. The Zildijan oriental can be used for different genres of music like rock,...
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Sony ICF-C05iP Clock RadioThis convenient, bedside ICF-C05iP dock/clock radio is just what you need to wake up to songs on your iPod or iPhone. The space-saving design is perfect for your nightstand, and you will enjoy choosing between the radio, iPod or buzzer to start your...
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Digital Clocks & Clock Radios: Coby CR-A50 Clock Radio 
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Shuguang 2A3 Vintage Tube & Tube Socket
1 oz Gold Chinese Panda (Abrasions)
Lunar Series I (1 oz Silver) 12 coin Wood Presentation Box
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