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VHS: The Werewolf Reborn (VHS, 1998) Fourteen-year-old Eleanor Crane goes to visit her older cousin Peter in a remote Eastern European village, and receives an unexpectedly cold welcome from the villagers, who are plagued by a deadly curse - and from her cousin, who hides a deadly...
VHS: Oliver and Company (VHS, 1996) Disney brings Charles Dickens' tale of orphaned pickpockets in the streets of London to the screen with a colorful cast of canine characters. Oliver (voiced by Joey Lawrence) is an orphaned kitten lost in Manhattan until he meets up with the Dodger,...
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VHS: Winnie the Pooh - Boo to You Too! (VHS, 1997) Piglet's fear of the spooky side of Halloween threatens to ruin the party he is attending with Winnie the Pooh and his friends. Can Pooh help him to find the courage before Halloween becomes "Hallo-wasn't"?
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VHS: Barney - It's Time For Counting (VHS, 1998) The jovial purple dinosaur and friends learn about numbers while helping Stella the Storyteller find the missing numbers from her clock. Includes such musical moments as "A Great Day for Counting," "Books Are Fun," and a medley of farm songs.
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VHS: The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection (VHS, 1999, 7-Tape Set) Contains all seven NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET films, digitally remastered and featuring original theatrical trailers and interviews. The DVD collection includes a bonus eighth disc titles THE NIGHTMARE SERIES ENCYCLOPEDIA. See individual titles for...
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VHS: The Siege (VHS, 1999) When the U.S. military abducts a Muslim leader, New York City becomes the target of several terrorist attacks in this gripping political thriller ripped from newspaper headlines. Denzel Washington stars as Anthony "Hub" Hubbard, the head of the FBI...
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VHS: Disney's American Legends (VHS, 2002) A full length program of four animated shorts that tell the stories of some of America's best loved folk heroes, DISNEY'S AMERICAN LEGENDS is a delightful collection that is sure to entertain both adults and children. Featuring the stories of John...
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VHS: The Polar Express (VHS, 2005) Director Robert Zemeckis revolutionized the art of animated film in 1998's WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT by dropping cartoon characters into the same frame with flesh-and-blood actors. In THE POLAR EXPRESS, live action and animation have merged seamlessly,...
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VHS: Back Street (VHS, 1993) Probably the least involving of the three film versions of the Fannie Hurst drama about a woman who falls in love with a married man and is forced to always be the "other woman." This is the only color production, though, and, with Hayward in the...
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VHS: The Burning Bed (VHS/EP, 1995) In 1977, after suffering years of physical abuse at the hands of her brutal husband, Mickey (Paul Le Mat), Michigan housewife Francine Hughes (Farrah Fawcett) kills him one night by setting fire to him as he sleeps. She is subsequently prosecuted....
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