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Book: Monster Garage : How to Custom Paint Damn near Anything by Dennis Parks and... The Discovery Channel's Monster Garage series is one of the most popular shows on television today, and the line of branded how-to books are designed to satisfy the urges of viewers and fans eager to get their hands dirty trying some of the...
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Book: Hair! : Sticker and Paint Activity Book with Sticker (2005, Paperback) 
Book: Butterflies and Flowers to Paint or Color by Ruth Soffer (2005, Paperback) Daisies, hibiscus, pansies, and marigolds abound. So do the tiger swallowtail, red admiral, coral hairstreak, and other butterfly varieties. Each attractive rendering of butterflies nestling in flowers is printed in light gray lines that disappear...
Book: 50 Robots to Draw and Paint : Create Fantastic Robot Characters for Comic, ... The ability to render eye-catching, convincing robots is a vital skill for artists who design computer games or illustrate graphic novels and comic books. This book presents 50 robot designs for artists to copy, and then embellish with their own...
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Mickey Mouse Paint with Water (2007, Paperback, Revised)
Book: Landscapes in Bloom : 10 Flower-Filled Scenes You Can Paint in Acrylics by ... 10 Flower-Filled Scenes You Can Paint in Acrylic Landscapes in Bloom teaches you how to create ten beautiful, flower-filled scenes using acrylic paints. Not only will you learn how to paint garden scenes lush with flowers, but ten mini-demonstrations...
Book: Fairies to Paint or Color by Darcy May (2008, Paperback) Fairies never fail to dazzle the imagination, and this coloring book promises to please everyone These 23 scenes depict fanciful sprites amid the magic of nature, surrounded by flowers, butterflies, and woodland creatures. Colorists of all ages will...
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Paintball: Fill Dusk Paint (500) 
Book: Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists : Experimental Techniques f... Whether you have formal training in painting or no experience at all, this new in paperback workshop-style book is the perfect guide for any artist interested in integrating the medium of paint into other types of artwork such as surface design,...
Book: Dogs and Cats : Learn to Draw Step by Step by Nolon Stacey (2009, Paperback... Whether they prefer the company of dogs, cats, or both, aspiring artists will learn how to create faithful depictions of all their furry friends with this essential drawing book. Inside, gifted artist Nolon Stacey provides fundamental techniques and...
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