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My Paint: The Animated Paint Program  (Sega CD, 1994)
Book: Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh (1989, Hardcover) The humor and beautifully simple design of this educational book will appeal to children who know the joy of splashing about in paint--and to their parents, who will appreciate the lighthearted presentation of a lesson in color. (Baby/Preschool)
Book: Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh (1995, Board Book) Join three white (but not for long!) mice in this playful introduction to the world of color.
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War Paint No. 188 by Don Pendleton (1994, Paperback)
Book: The Big Book of Decorative Painting : How to Paint If You Don't Know How an... Decorative painting is the art of painting on home furnishings and fabric.his book provides comprehensive coverage of this art, and featuresechniques for painting on furniture, fabric, wood and tin.
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Watercolor: Landscapes American Scenes by Kolan Peterson (1989, Paperback)These How to Draw and Paint Series books show amateur artists how to re-create a variety of inspiring paintings in Watercolor, from the initial sketches to the final details. Each book features a specific subject and explains a number of watercolor...
Book: Mastering Fine Decorative Paint by Sharon Ross and Elise Kinkead (1999, Pap... Mastering Fine Decorative Paint Techniquesis a step-by-step guide through the process of decorative painting-from choosing color schemes to mastering sponging, marbling, graining, and more. It explains why decorative painting is appropriate for...
Book: Paint Radiant Realism with Watercolor, Ink, and Colored Pencil by Sueellen ... Sueellen Ross' combination of drawing and painting has all kinds of artists flocking to her workshops. Watercolorists come to learn how to set their work apart from the usual wash-upon-wash approach--and how to add dramatic details without spoiling...
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Book: How to Make a Watercolor Paint Itself : Experimental Techniques for Achievi... A guide to the use of watercolours, this book demonstrates the manyxperimental techniques which will produce a realistic effect. Usingxercises and step-by-step projects, it shows how to combine spontaneity andontrol to produce lively, luminescent...
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Book: How to Paint Trout by Curtis J. Badger (1996, Paperback) How to paint brown trout, brook trout, and steelhead; how to stencil a scale pattern, and how to carve and insert fins.
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