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Makeup: Rimmel Fix & Perfect Foundation 
Makeup: CoverGirl Ultimate Finish Liquid Powder Foundation Give yourself a beautiful facelift with the Ultimate Finish foundation. As per the brand, this Covergirl powder foundation gives you the benefits of a liquid, powder and concealer all rolled into one. This Covergirl makeup glides smoothly on your...
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Anti Ageing: Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation 
Makeup: Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup Foundation 
Makeup: Almay Clear Complexion Foundation Give a strong base for your makeup with the Almay Clear Complexion Liquid that helps in concealing all your blemishes and imperfections. Enriched with meadowsweet plant, this Almay foundation is filled with Vitamin C that purifies your oily skin and...
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Makeup: Revlon Beyond Natural Foundation Give your precious skin the flawless and natural look with the Beyond Natural Skin Matching. This Revlon foundation applies white on your skin and automatically adjusts perfectly to your skin tone when blended. As per the brand, this Revlon face...
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Makeup: BeautiControl Perfecting Wet/Dry Finish Foundation Skin tone is not even? Blemishes and acne scars crowding your face skin? Then use the BeautiControl Perfecting Wet/Dry Finish foundation to have the marks and spots covered up. With the sponge, you can either dab or spread this BeautiControl make-up...
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Makeup: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation Even out your skin tone with the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation. The rich and luminous Laura Mercier foundation gives you a full coverage - no cracks, no breaks. The long-lasting property of this Laura Mercier makeup lets you retain a radiant...
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Makeup: Mary Kay Day Radiance Oil-Free Liquid Foundation Day Radiance Oil-Free Liquid Foundation by Mary Kay is a Protectant;Matte;Shiny Foundation. Long Lasting;Oil-Free. Mary Kay Day Radiance Oil-Free Liquid Foundation comes in Liquid form. The main ingredients are: Vitamin C;Vitamin E. Size: 0.26 - 0.5...
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Maybelline Superstay Silky FoundationGet the desired complexion with the Maybelline Superstay Silky foundation, which provides greater and even coverage on your skin. Formulated for a creamy and rich texture this Maybelline face makeup creates a smooth and soft layer on your skin. This...
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