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Book: The Church Forgery Mill by Joseph Wheless (2005, Paperback) 
Book: Forgery in Christianity : A Documented Record of the Foundations of the Chr... Forgery in Christianity is a popular title in the history of the Christian religion by Joseph Wheless. Forgery in Christianity is popular among scholars as well as atheists as it looks at the founding documents of the Christian religion with a...
Book: Forgery in Christianity by Joseph Wheless (2007, Paperback) Incendiary in its passion and irrefutable in its evidence, this classic of atheistic literature condemns Christianity as superstition and wishful thinking rooted in early paganism, "sourced" by anonymous fables, and promoted by self-serving men...
Book: The Princess Possessed by a Demon : The Oldest Ancient Egyptian Literary Fo... 
Book: The Fake : Forgery and Its Place in Art by Sándor Radnóti (1999, Hardcover) "I knew that the airplane was going to change the entire way of life of the people of the North." In the 1930s, bush pilot Punch Dickins could only guess how true this would be. Even before him, balloonatics soared over the Klondike gold fields and...
Book: The Fake : Forgery and Its Place in Art by Sandor Radnoti and Sándor Radnót... A look at the creators of artistic fakes and copies. Sandor Radnoti explores the role of the faker in the art world, and tackles the question of whether fakes can be considered to be art in their own right. He provides an examination of the parasites...
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Book: The Forgery of the Old Testament and Other Essays by Joseph McCabe (E-book) Is the creation story in Genesis nothing more than a botched version of a Babylonian myth? Is free will illusory? Are the Jesuits really educated men?In these three classic essays The Forgery of the Old Testament, The Myth of Immortality, and Lies of...
Forgery and Fictitious Checks by Julius L. Sternitzky (2013, Paperback)
Forgery and Fictitious Checks by Julius L. Sternitzky (2013, Hardcover)
Art Theft and Forgery Investigation : The Complete Field Manual by Robert E...
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