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Property and Casualty Insurance by Philip L. Gordis (1991, Hardcover)
Book: Hot Property by Sherryl Woods (1992, Paperback) 
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The Property of a Lady by Elizabeth A. Adler (1991, Hardcover)The magnificent Ivanoff emerald: It surfaced at Christie's at Geneva, "The Property of a Lady"--a lady now sought by powerful men intent on seizing a legacy that could tilt the world balance of power . . . The terrifying Ivanoff secret: She lived...
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Book: Property by Valerie Martin (2003, Hardcover) From the acclaimed author ofMary Reilly, a groundbreaking novel that reexamines the questions of power and resistance, violence and sex, which inform all her work. Set in the surreal heat of the antebellum South during a slave rebellion, PROPERTY...
Book: Landlording and Property Management : Insider's Advice on How to Own Real E... As appealing and lucrative as property ownership can be, it isn't an occupation to be learned through trial and error. Property owners must know and understand all the ins and outs -- legally and financially -- for their own welfare, as well as that...
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Book: Making Money in Real Estate : How to Build Financial Independence with Resi... 
Cases and Materials on Modern Property Law by Jon W. Bruce and James W. Ely...Substantially revised and expanded, this resource highlights developing areas of property law through detailed case study and informative notes. Presents an innovative, logical examination of such concerns as regulatory takings, rent, environmental...
Personal Property in a Nutshell by D. Barlow Burke (2003, Paperback, Revise...This reference guide provides an authoritative summary of personal property that will enhance your ability to distinguish between title and possession. Teaches by example, using a set of readily understandable situations. Also includes the origins of...
Property by Brian N. Siegel (1998, Paperback, Student Edition of Textbook)The Siegel's Series works through key topics in a Q&A format, providing and additional source for self-quizzing. A proven resource for high performance, each title in this exam-prep series contains multiple-choice questions and answers, As well as...
Eddie's Valuable Property by Carolyn Haywood (1975, Paperback)
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