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VHS: Hocus Pocus (VHS, 1994) The Sanderson Sisters are 17th century witches who were conjured up by unsuspecting pranksters in present-day Salem. The key to their immortality involves three children and a talking cat, who also turn out to be their biggest obstacles.
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VHS: The Return of Jafar (VHS, 1994) Disney's first original made-for-video movie, "The Return of Jafar" picks up where "Aladdin" ended, with the evil sorcerer Jafar trapped inside a magic lamp. But when a clumsy thief releases Jafar from the lamp, Jafar plots his revenge against...
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American History - Colonial America (1500-1600) (VHS)2 programs about America during the years the superpowers of Europe fought over her: "The Beginnings," and "The Way of Life."
VHS: Sing Along Songs - Mickey's Fun Songs: Campout at Disney World (VHS, 1994) Join the fun song kids and their Disney friends for the most hilarious campout ever. Thirteen favorite kid's songs are featured with on-screen lyrics to sing along.
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VHS: Lumpkin the Pumpkin (VHS, 1994) A musical Halloween tale for all ages.
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VHS: Sing Along Songs - Mickey's Fun Songs: Let's Go to the Circus! (VHS, 1994) Come along with Mickey and the fun songs kids to visit the greatest show on Earth, the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus. Sing-along screen lyrics include 14 favorite children's songs.
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VHS: Scarlett (VHS, 1997, Special Collector's Edition) A sequel to GONE WITH THE WIND in which Scarlett (played by the lovely Joanne Whalley of SCANDAL and WILLOW) refuses to accept Rhett's rejection and travels to Charleston to win him back. Unable to change his mind, she travels to Ireland, stirring up...
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VHS: How the West Was Fun (VHS, 1996, Clam Shell) The Olsen Twins ride to the rescue when their great-godmother's dude ranch falls on hard times and her evil son wants to foreclose so he can put up an amusement park. A feature-length kiddie Western for the whole family.
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Night of the Twisters (VHS, 1996)A teenager and his step-father gain a new respect for each other as they struggle together to save their family from a devastating series of tornadoes. Based on the award-winning novel by Ivy Ruckman.
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VHS: A Goofy Movie (VHS, 1995) Disney's lovable, big-toothed mutt takes his son on a road trip in this musical family adventure. They encounter theme parks, difficult bodies of water, Bigfoot and more and learn more about each other through their journey. Gold Collection Edition...
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