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Morris Minor Guide to Purchase and D. I. Y. Restoration No. 4 by Lindsay Po...
Book: VW Golf and Jetta Restoration Manual by Lindsay Porter (2000, Hardcover) Volkswagen's Golf (Rabbit) and Jetta models are popular and enduring cars. Well-known for their robustness and need for minimum maintenance, these vehicles often suffer from neglect by their owners. Restoration expert Lindsay Porter fills you in on...
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Book: Restoration Manual Land Rover by Dave Pollard (2001, Hardcover) By conducting a complete teardown and rebuild, the staff at Haynes Publishing has discovered all the problems owners will find when repairing or rebuilding a Range Rover. Hundreds of illustrations and clear step-by-step instructions document the...
Book: On a Street Called Easy, in a Cottage Called Joye : A Restoration Comedy by... 
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Mini : Guide to Purchase and DIY Restoration by Lindsay Porter (1985, Hardc...
The Illustrated Handbook of Furniture Restoration by George Buchanan (1993,...
Antique Golf Clubs: Their Restoration and Preservation by Bob Kuntz and Mar...
Some Account of the English Stage from the Restoration in 1660 to 1830 Set ...
The Godfather (DVD, 2008, Coppola Restoration; Checkpoint)Based on the bestselling novel by Mario Puzo (who co-wrote the screenplay with director Francis Ford Coppola), THE GODFATHER tells an epic tale of Mafia life in America during the 1940s and '50s. Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando) is the family patriarch...
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DVD: Restoration (DVD, 1999) During the 17th-century reign of Britain's Charles II a young physician is taken into the decadent court of the King. His talents for healing are overtaken by his even greater talents for debauchery, and he is exiled after falling in love with his...
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