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Book: Peggy Sue : 1957 Chevrolet Restoration: A Step by Step Restoration Guide by... 
Book: BMW '02 Restoration Guide by Mike MacCartney and R. M. Clarke (1998, Paperb... Covering the German automaker's popular 1600 and 2002 turbo models built fr
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Book: Pontiac GTO Restoration Guide, 1964-1972 by Paul Zazarine and Charles Rober... Authenticity getting your goat? This updated second edition now includes additional GTO models from 1971 and 1972! Determine the proper part numbers with this detailed, accurate, year-by-year guide showing you the right way to do a full-scale...
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Book: The Wood and Canvas Canoe : A Complete Guide to its History, Construction, ... This rich history begins with the birchbark canoe, follows the turn-of-the-century canoe craze when builders such as Eve Gerrish, E. M. White, B. N. Morris, and others perfected the art of the wood-and-canvas canoe, then takes us step by step through...
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Book: Triumph Twin Restoration by Roy Bacon (1996, Paperback) 
Book: Corvette Restoration Guide, 1963-1967 by Richard Newton (1999, Paperback, R... The most popular Corvettes among collectors are those built in the 1963 through 1967 model years. This book provides all the information necessary to correctly restore all 1963-67 Corvette subassemblies to factory-original condition. Chapters are...
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Book: Dodge Pickups : History and Restoration Guide, 1918-1971 by Don Bunn and To... 
Book: Furniture Restoration by Kevin J. Bonner (1996, Paperback) Expert instructions and tips show how to restore furniture. Select what to restore, create a workspace, assemble tools and materials, and observe health and safety rules. Identify and repair finishes and veneers, master stripping techniques, and...
Book: MG T Series Restoration Guide by Malcom Green and R. M. Clarke (1993, Paper... Covering all TA, TB, TC, TD, TF and TF 1500 models. Detailed information on restoring bodywork, chassis, engine, brakes, upholstery and trim, etc. Tables giving model by model guides to changes in production as well as information on original color...
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Book: Mustang Restoration Tips and Techniques by R. M. Clarke (1987, Paperback) "The O Manuscript, "a" "real-life Gnostic thriller, has sold over 60,000 copies in Denmark, the equivalent of 3 million in the United States, since it was first published in 2000. Lars Muhl was for many years a successful pop star who studied the...
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