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California State Capitol Restoration : A Pictorial History by Lynn G. Marlo...
Book: The Complete Corvette Restoration and Technical Guide, Volume 1 : 1953 Thro... This is a mind-boggling book. For the enthusiast intent upon restoring his Corvette to the look and condition it enjoyed when it left the factory, it is absolutely essential. For the enthusiast desiring to learn everything - every detail, every...
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Book: Ecological Engineering and Ecosystem Restoration by William J. Mitsch and S... Completely updated to keep pace with current technology.
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Book: Healing the Brokenhearted : Experience Restoration Through the Power of God... 
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Book: The Once and Future Forest : A Guide to Forest Restoration Strategies by Le... Developed by the pioneering landscape design firm of Andropogon Associates, world-renowned for their innovative approach to integrating environmental protection and restoration with landscape architecture and design, The Once and Future Forestis a...
Book: The Manual of Furniture Restoration by V. J. Taylor (1994, Paperback) The timeless appeal of period style and antique furniture ensures that sympathetic repair and restoration skills will always be in demand. This book provides a complete reference to the full range of woodworking techniques, tools and materials...
The Curtain Rises Vol. 1 : A History of Theatre from Its Origins in Greek a...
Book: Oldsmobile 4-4-2 and W-Machine : Restoration Guide by T. Patrick Sullivan (... The last word on 4-4-2 restoration featuring every detail in over 1,000 illustrations. Production figures, special parts numbers, and all the 4-4-2s in great detail. Covers the first 4-4-2 in 64 through 1972, including W-30, W-31, W-32, Hurst/Olds,...
Watershed Restoration : Principles and Practices (1997, Hardcover)
Book: Antique Radio and Restoration Guide by David Johnson (1992, Paperback, Revi... Explains how to restore an antique radio while using safety precautions to clean, repair, and replace parts as well as refinishing cabinets.
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