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Book: The Production Packard : A Restoration Reference 1935-1937 by Dar Kuehl (20... 
Book: A Return to Glory : The Restoration of a Classic AA/Dragster by Fred Vosk (... The Restoration of a Classic AA/Dragster, Originally built by Kent Fuller.
Book: Return to Me 1 by Lynn Austin (2013, Paperback) Bestselling Author Lynn Austin Launches New Biblical Saga After years of watching his children and grandchildren wander from their faith, Iddo's prayers are answered: King Cyrus is allowing God's chosen people to return to Jerusalem. Jubilant, he...
Book: Design Brooklyn : Renovation, Restoration, Innovation by Anne Hellman (2013... Design Brooklyn is a visual exploration of the unique and diverse architecture, interiors, and design of public and private spaces in today's Brooklyn, from mechanics' shops renovated into restaurants, to newly built museums, to restored brownstones...
Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia  (PC, 1999)In Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Restoration of Erathia, you take the part as a commander in Queen Catherine's army and lead Enroth's greatest heroes and mightiest creatures to battle in an attempt to regain the kingdom of Erathia. Catherine's...
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Book: The Text of the New Testament : Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restorati... For more than twenty-five years the standard account of the compilation and transmission of the New Testament, this text offers a comprehensive survey of ancient and newly-discovered manuscripts, and considers both the science and art of textual...
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Book: Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Comedy (1997, Paperback) The plays are fully annotated for the modern reader and are accompanied by six illustrations. The close relationship between theater and society during the period continues to be the focus of SContexts. The editor offers contemporary discussions of...
Book: Art Restoration : The Culture, the Business, and the Scandal by James H. Be... The world's art heritage is under attack from the very people charged with its preservation, argues this important book, which has ignited controversy among art historians, curators, and restorers. In the world's museums and in towns and cities...
Book: The Complete Corvette Restoration and Technical Guide, Volume 1 : 1953 Thro... This is a mind-boggling book. For the enthusiast intent upon restoring his Corvette to the look and condition it enjoyed when it left the factory, it is absolutely essential. For the enthusiast desiring to learn everything - every detail, every...
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Book: Fences : Authentic Details for Design and Restoration by Peter Joel Harriso... Arising from the author's 12 years of architectural research and extensive travel documentation, this is the first in a series featuring authentic architectural patterns from the last two centuries of US history. The book presents a wide range of...
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