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Book: Colonial Industrialization and Labor in Korea : The Onoda Cement Factory 18... This book is a study of labor relations and the first generation of skilled workers in colonial Korea, a subject crucial to the understanding of modernization in twentieth-century Korea. Born in rural Korea, these workers confronted both the colonial...
Experiences In Biology 101 3 by Portland Cement Association (1995, Hardcove...
Drilling Mud and Cement Slurry Rheology Manual by French Oil and Gas Indust...
Evaluation of the Troxler Model 4430 Water-Cement Gauge : The Troxler Water...
Book: Microstructure of Cement-Based Systems - Bonding and Interfaces in Cementit... This book continues the MRS series on characteristics and properties of cementitious materials. In Part I, recent advances in microstructure and related characterization of cementitious systems are the focus. Topics include: microstructures of...
Notes on ACI 318-95 Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete with...
Book: Understanding and Regulating the Market at a Time of Globalization : The Ca... " The Work of Culture is the product of two decades of field research by Sri Lanka's most distinguished anthropological interpreter, and its combination of textual analysis, ethnographic sensitivity, and methodological catholicity makes it something...
Annual Book of ASTM Standards, 1993 Vol. 04.04 : Cement; Lime; Gypsum (1993...
Book: The Cement of Society : A Survey of Social Order by Jon Elster (1989, Hardc... The question Jon Elster addresses in this challenging new book is what binds societies together and prevents them from disintegrating into chaos and war. He analyses two concepts of social order: stable, predictable patterns of behaviour, and...
Book: Cement Chemistry by H. F. Taylor (1997, Hardcover) - Portland cement and its major constituent phases - High-temperature chemistry - The chemistry of portland cement manufacture - Properties of portland clinker and cement - Hydration of the calcium silicate phases - Hydrated aluminate, ferrite and...
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