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Book: The Art of Frozen by Charles Solomon (2013, Hardcover) In Walt Disney Animation Studios upcoming film, Frozen, the fearless optimist Anna sets off on an epic journey--teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff--to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal...
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DVD: The Money Pit (DVD, 2003) An updating of MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE in which an up-and-coming entertainment lawyer takes the big step with his girlfriend and purchases a fixer-upper for a "steal." As it turns out, the "steal" is really a "rip-off" and everything...
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DVD: Fight Club (DVD, 2002, Single Disc; Sensormatic) FIGHT CLUB is narrated by a lonely, unfulfilled young man (Edward Norton) who finds his only comfort in feigning terminal illness and attending disease support groups. Hopping from group to group, he encounters another pretender, or "tourist," the...
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DVD: The Replacements (DVD, 2000) Inspired by the too-ludicrous-to-be-believed National Football League strike of 1987, Howard Deutch's THE REPLACEMENTS follows a team of scab players as they fill in for the real pros. Jimmy McGinty (Gene Hackman), a compassionate and dedicated...
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DVD: O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Blu-ray Disc, 2011) Joel and Ethan Coen transport Homer's ODYSSEY to the depression-era South in the silly, fun comedy O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? George Clooney, John Turturro, and Tim Blake Nelson star as three escaped fugitives on the run in Mississippi. Their...
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The Rescuers (DVD, 2003)An urgent note in a bottle from a kidnapped orphan girl leads two adventuresome mice on a "wild albatross chase" to Devil's Bayou and a madcap encounter with the villainous Madame Medusa. Bob Newhart, Eva Gabor and Geraldine Page lend their voices....
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DVD: Rambo (DVD, 2008, 2-Disc Set, Special Edition; Widescreen) Coming off the success of 2006's ROCKY BALBOA, action star Sylvester Stallone revisits yet another of his iconic characters from the 1980s, John Rambo. Now living like a hermit and wrangling rattlesnakes in Thailand, Rambo is drawn back into the...
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Flax art & design 13660-1519651 Wrist Watch for Women
Wrist Watch: Flax art & design 13660-1519651 Wrist Watch for Women (Wrist Watch, Analog, Battery Quartz, Style: Casual...)
CD: Wish You Were Here [Digipak] by Pink Floyd (CD, Sep-2011, EMI Music Distrib... Pink Floyd: David Gilmour (vocals, guitar); Richard Wright (vocals, keyboards, VCS3 syntheszier); Roger Waters (vocals, bass); Nick Mason (drums).Additional personnel: Roy Harper (vocals); Dick Parry (saxophone); Venetta Fields, Carlena Williams...
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Missha The Style Art Designing 12Hrs FoundationThe Style Art Designing 12Hrs Foundation by Missha. Missha The Style Art Designing 12Hrs Foundation comes in Cream form.
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