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DVD: Designing Women: The Final Season (DVD, 2012, 4-Disc Set) This set contains every episode from the final season of the CBS sitcom DESIGNING WOMEN. That run of shows saw Judith Ivey join the cast for a series of stories that include Anthony's disastrous trip to Vegas, Carlene dating a transvestite, and all...
Book: Acting for Animators by Ed Hooks (2011, Paperback) "A guide to acting theory written specifically for animators"--
Benjamin Hooks, Part 01 Of 01 (2012, Paperback)
Book: The Girl Who Could Fly by William H. Hooks (1995, Hardcover) 
Book: The Mighty Santa Fe by William H. Hooks (1993, Picture Book) 
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Book: Tina Modotti : Photographer and Revolutionary by Margaret Hooks (1995, Hard... 
Book: Snowbear Whittington : An Appalachian Beauty and the Beast by William H. Ho... 
Book: The Three Little Pigs and the Fox by S. D. Schindler and William H. Hooks (... In this Appalachian version of the classic tale, Hamlet, the youngest pig, rescues her two greedy brothers from the clutches of the "mean, tricky old drooly-mouth fox."
Antbirds and Ovenbirds : Their Lives and Homes by Alexander Frank Skutch (1...Antbirds and ovenbirds, two of the five largest families of birds found only in the Western Hemisphere, have been among Alexander Skutch' favorites for more than six decades. In this book, he draws on years of observations to describe the life cycle...
The New Generation Guide to Butterflies and Day-Flying Moths of Britain and...
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