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Book: Miniature Embroidery for the Georgian Dolls' House by Pamela Warner (2000, ... 
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Book: Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Needlework : Needlepoint, Embroidery, Counte... Encyclopedia of Needlework, -This is the complete, authoritative guide to needlepoint, embroidery, and counted thread work. 15 projects.
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Book: Drawn Fabric Embroidery by Agnes M. Leach (2012, Paperback) In drawn-fabric embroidery (also often known as "pulled work"), the threads of a fabric are pulled apart or drawn together by stitchery so that the holes left form attractive patterns. Because it is sturdy enough to withstand daily use and frequent...
Magic of Free Machine Embroidery by Doreen Curran (1994, Paperback)Introduction to the craft of embroidery using a sewing machine, from basic stitches to more advanced techniques. Contains ideas for designs incorporating openwork, overlays, underlays, stumpwork and fabric sculpting. Indexed.
Book: Victorian Needlework : Techniques and Designs (2011, Paperback) This vintage guide to the intricacies of Victorian needlecraft features step-by-step instructions for mastering an array of techniques and patterns. Featured projects include Bulgarian, Catalan, Hungarian, and Baro embroidery; a lesson in netting;...
Book: Redoute's Finest Flowers in Embroidery by Trish Burr (2002, Paperback) "Trish Burr has painstakingly recreated blooms from the paintings of 19th century botanical artist Pierre Joseph Redoute in exquisite embroidery. Using only the simplest stitches, she provides instructions, illustrations and photo- graphs to take you...
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Book: More Embroidery Machine Essentials : How to Customize, Edit and Create Deco... With embroidery machines capturing the sewing industry's creative imagination, sewers are seeking new embroidery methods and techniques to take them to the next level. This new reference presents the next step in the creative embroidery process-using...
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Book: Embroidery Illusions by Gary Clarke (2003, Hardcover) Embroidery worked on transparent organza stretched over a frame creates the illusion of stitchery suspended in air -- as if embroidered on glass. The shadow cast by the embroidery onto the background completes the illusion. Despite the apparent...
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Crewel Embroidery: With Texture and Thread Variations by Audrey A. Francini...
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Embroidery : Traditional Designs, Techniques, and Patterns from All over th...
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