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VHS: Sing Along Songs - Mickey's Fun Songs: Campout at Disney World (VHS, 1994) Join the fun song kids and their Disney friends for the most hilarious campout ever. Thirteen favorite kid's songs are featured with on-screen lyrics to sing along.
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VHS: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (VHS, 1994) Disney's first full-length animated masterpiece features all the elements of a classic fairy tale--a beautiful heroine, an evil queen, Prince Charming...and a septet of whistling dwarfs. In hiding from her jealous and wicked stepmother, the fair Snow...
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VHS: Scarlett (VHS, 1997, Special Collector's Edition) A sequel to GONE WITH THE WIND in which Scarlett (played by the lovely Joanne Whalley of SCANDAL and WILLOW) refuses to accept Rhett's rejection and travels to Charleston to win him back. Unable to change his mind, she travels to Ireland, stirring up...
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VHS: The Jungle Book (VHS, 1995) A spirited, live-action feature of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale about a boy raised by animals in the jungle only to fall in love with an English girl. This sweeping, inspired and in many ways original movie was filmed on location in India with a...
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VHS: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (VHS, 1996) What bear could be more loveable than the honey-eating, huggably pudgy, sweet-hearted Winnie-the Pooh? Certainly his owner and best friend, Christopher Robin, can't find one! Enjoy the adventures of Pooh bear and his pals in this animated adaptation...
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VHS: Toy Story (VHS, 2000, Special Edition; Clam Shell; Gold Collection) In the first full-length computer-animated movie, a little boy's toys are thrown into chaos when a new Space Ranger arrives to vie for supremacy with the boy's old favorite (a wooden cowboy). When the feuding toys become lost, they are forced to set...
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VHS: 101 Dalmatians (VHS, 1997, Clam Shell) Slapstick kingpin John Hughes translates the classic animated children's tale into a campy live-action slugfest. The fur-loving, sadistic Cruella De Vil (Close, at her most outrageous) pants after the pelts of the titular puppies, hoping to sew them...
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VHS: All Creatures Great and Small - Series One Set (VHS, 1998, 6-Tape Set) Real-life British country veterinarian James Herriott's enormously popular books inspired this television series, featuring busybody villagers, verdant landscapes, and plenty of cute animals.
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VHS: The Spirit of Mickey (VHS, 1998) A compendium of eleven classic and contemporary Mickey Mouse shorts, ranging from "Steamboat Willie" (1928) to modern favorites. Also includes an exclusive short, "Orphan's Picnic."
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VHS: Mulan (VHS, 1999) Disney fashions a modern-day icon of girl power with its animated adaptation of the 2,000-year-old Chinese folktale MULAN. When barbarous Huns attack ancient China, the fiercely independent Mulan (voiced by Ming-Na Wen) defies tradition by disguising...
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