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Bridges, Routers, Gateways! by V. C. Marney-Petix (1995, Paperback)
Book: Practical Cisco Routers by Joe Habraken (1999, Paperback) 
Book: Configuring Cisco Routers for Bridging DLSW and Desktop Protocols by Tan Na... 
Book: Cisco Routers : 24seven by Andrew Hamilton (2000, Paperback) Cisco routers form the plumbing of the Internet and many private networks worldwide. A router directs TCP/IP traffic by examining the address of each packet. This text provides practical information on advanced Cisco router configuration topics.
Book: Mastering Cisco Routers by Chris Brenton (2000, Hardcover) Cisco routers form the plumbing of the Internet and the majority of private networks. This guide offers practical information on using routers effectively, focuses on common tasks, and gives detailed coverage of security issues.
Book: Cisco Routers for IP Networking Black Book by Innokenty Rudenko (2000, Pape... 
Book: Cisco Certification : Bridges, Routers and Switches for CCIEs by Valeriy Pa... A test prep guide and on-the-job reference. *Bestselling CCIE guide updated for the latest exam *World-class troubleshooting practice for the CCIE hands-on labs *Exclusive Can You Spot the Issues challenges *New coverage: VoIP, QoS, and much more...
Book: Broadband Packet Switching Technologies : A Practical Guide to ATM Switches... The effective design of high-speed, reliable switching systems isessential for moving the huge volumes of traffic and multimediaover modern communications networks. This book explains all themain packet-switching architectures, including all...
Book: Sams Teach Yourself Cisco Routers in 21 Days by Jerome F. DiMarzio (2001, P... Sams Teach Yourself Cisco Routers in 21 Daysis an in-depth, straightforward tutorial. It covers configuring a router from the ground up, alerts the reader to the most common problems, and offers tested solutions when they are applicable. Readers will...
Book: Linux Routers : A Primer for Network Administrators by Tony Mancill (2000, ... "Linux Routers, Second Edition" shows you exactly how to reduce your costs and extend your network with Linux-based routing. You'll find step-by-step coverage of software/hardware selection, configuration, management, and troubleshooting for today's...
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