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Book: Psychic Roots : Serendipity and Intuition in Genealogy by Henry Z., Jr. Jon... 
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The Otherness of Self : A Genealogy of Self in Contemporary China by Liu Xi...An exploration of the conflict between traditional Chinese ideology and modern Chinese business practice
Book: History of Old Pendleton District (South Carolina) : With a Genealogy of th... The Pendleton District in northwestern South Carolina has a complex history. It was originally part of the Cherokee Indian lands which were divided in 1789 to create Pendleton and Greenville Counties. The name was subsequently changed to Pendleton...
Handbook on Irish Genealogy (1984, Paperback, Revised)
Irish Genealogy : A Record Finder (1987, Paperback)
Genealogy Helps, Hints, and Hope by John Heisey (1995, Paperback)
Genealogy of Early Settlers in Trenton and Ewing, "Old Hunterdon County", N...This is a collection of genealogies of the early settlers of "Old Hunterdon County," New Jersey, the majority of the histories tracing families through successive generations of the 18th and 19th centuries in what is now mostly Mercer County....
Book: The Genealogy of Morals by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche and Horace Barnett S... Major work on ethics, by one of the most influential thinkers of the last two centuries, deals with master/slave morality and modern man's current moral practices; the evolution of man's feelings of guilt and bad conscience; and how ascetic ideals...
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Book: The Genealogy of Greek Mythology : An Ilustrated Family Tree of Greek Myth ... A stunning, fully illustrated and comprehensively annotated genealogical map of the universe of Greek myth, presented in a unique, easy-to-use format. From the television hit Xena , to the Oscar-winning box-office smash Gladiator and to Broadway's...
Genealogy for the First Time : Research Your Family History by Laura Best (...Here's everything you need to know to start researching your family ancestry. Designed to inspire and encourage anyone interested in learning about his family background, this comprehensive guide offers a basic introduction to the primary methods and...
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