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The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy by Val D. Greenwood (1983, Har...This new 3rd edition incorporates the latest thinking on genealogy & computers, specifically the relationship between computer technology (the Internet & CD-ROM) & the timeless principles of good genealogical research. It also includes a new chapter...
Book: The Unofficial Guide to Online Genealogy by Pamela Rice Hahn (2000, Paperba... Genealogy is one of the hottest topics on the Internet, with thousands of sites, forums, and newsgroups clamoring to help--or confuse--family history sleuths. How do you cut through the noise and find the best tools to trace your roots? This...
Book: The Everything Online Genealogy Book : Use the Web to Discover Long-Lost Re... 
Book: Long Distance Genealogy : Researching Your Family History from Home by Chri... Gathering information from sources that can't be visited personally is a problem for all genealogists. Long-Distance Genealogy is designed to help armchair researchers overcome this unavoidable problem. Readers will begin by addressing the basics of...
Book: The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy by Val D. Greenwood (2000, Har... 
Book: Genealogy Online by Matthew L. Helm and April Leigh Helm (2001, Paperback) A guide to doing genealogical research online. It covers preparation, developing a plan and choosing the names for research. Then the guide looks at finding records and finally with presenting the findings. The CD-ROM includes a working copy of...
The Complete Beginner's Guide to Genealogy, the Internet and Your Genealogy...
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Book: Unpuzzling Your Past : The Best Selling Basic Guide to Genealogy by Emily A... Best-selling genealogy author Emily Croom presents a new and expanded version of her best-selling guide to genealogy. It provides readers with all the tools and information they need to jump into this great American hobby by focusing on fundamental...
The Otherness of Self : A Genealogy of Self in Contemporary China by Liu Xi...An exploration of the conflict between traditional Chinese ideology and modern Chinese business practice
Book: Genealogy of the John Bott Sr. Family of Washington County, Virginia : Year... One family's struggle through the pages of American History.
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