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Managerial Economics by K. K. Seo (1990, Hardcover)
Managerial Economics by K. K. Seo (1984, Hardcover)
Managerial Economics by Bernard J. Winger and K. K. Seo (1979, Hardcover)
Management in Japan and India : With Reference to the United States by K. K...
Military Aircraft of the World by Hiroshi Seo (1982, Hardcover)
Civil Aircraft in Colour by Hiroshi Seo (1986, Hardcover)
VHS: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... And Spring (VHS, 2004) Prayer, meditation, and appreciation of nature are the sacraments by which two monks live a simple life in Korean director Kim Ki-Duk's SPRING, SUMMER, FALL, WINTER... AND SPRING. A wise old monk (Oh Young-soo) is master to a young student, and...
Book: Insider's Guide to SEO : How to Get Your Website to the Top of the Search E... 
DVD: No. 3 (DVD, 2004) A parody of hardboiled gangster films, the Korean action comedy NO. 3 follows the hilarious misadventures of bumbling mobster Tae-ju (Suk-kyu Han). Starting out as a lowly henchman for the powerful Do Ka Gang, Tae-ju is promoted to "Gangster No. 3"...
DVD: Libera Me (DVD, 2004) A Korean remake of Ron Howard's Hollywood blockbuster BACKDRAFT, LIBERA ME follows the conflagrant adventures of a group of Seoul firefighters as they battle their city's raging blazes with heroic intensity. Adding difficulty to the already dangerous...
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