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Mean Jake and the Devils by William H. Hooks (1981, Hardcover)
Book: Feminism Is for Everybody : Passionate Politics by Bell Hooks (2000, Hardco... Acclaimed cultural critic bell hooks presents a sharp analysis and open-hearted vision of feminism in this accessible and inspiring volume.
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Book: All about Love : New Visions by Bell Hooks (1999, Hardcover) All About Love offers radical new ways to think about love by showing its interconnectedness in our private and public lives. In eleven concise chapters, hooks explains how our everyday notions of what it means to give and receive love often fail us,...
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Book: Where We Stand : Class Matters by Bell Hooks (2000, Hardcover) Drawing on both her roots in Kentucky and her adventures with Manhattan Coop boards, Where We Standis a successful black woman's reflection--personal, straight forward, and rigorously honest--on how our dilemmas of class and race are intertwined, and...
Book: Communion : The Female Search for Love by Bell Hooks (2002, Paperback) In the final book of her love trilogy that began with all about love and salvation, bell hooks explores the ways ideas about women and love were changed by the feminist movement, by women's full participation in the workforce, by the culture of...
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Book: Salvation : Black People and Love by Bell Hooks (2001, Paperback) Acclaimed visionary and intellectual bell hooks began her exploration of the meaning of love in American culture with the bestselling All About Love: New Visions. Here she continues her love song to the nation in the groundbreaking and soul-stirring...
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Book: Inside the Visible : An Elliptical Traverse of 20th Century Art in, of, and... Published on the occasion of a major exhibition opening at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Inside the Visible presents a gendered reading of more than 30 women artists of vastly different background and experience. The work of important...
Book: Rock My Soul : Black People and Self-Esteem by Bell Hooks (2002, Hardcover) World-renowned scholar and visionary bell hooks takes an in-depth look at one of the most critical issues of our time, the impact of low self-esteem on the lives of black people.Without self-esteem everyone loses his or her sense of meaning, purpose,...
Book: Happy to Be Nappy by Bell Hooks (2001, Board Book) Celebrates the joy and beauty of nappy hair. On board pages.
Book: Corrie Herring Hooks Ser.: Birds of Belize 57 by H. Lee Jones (2004, Paperb... "This is a first-class book that will enable users to identify any bird they encounter in Belize." --Victor Emanuel, President, Victor Emanuel Nature Tours With nearly six hundred identified species of birds--and an average of five "new" species...
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