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Book: Feminist Theory : From Margin to Center No. 5 by Bell Hooks (2000, Paperbac... An Interview with bell hooks, author of Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate PoliticsSOUTH END PRESS: Your work on radical black feminism has been an inspiration for many young feminists of color, and you yourself were in your early 20s when you...
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Book: Outlaw Culture : Resisting Representations by Bell Hooks (1994, Paperback) bell hooks, one of America's leading black intellectuals, is also one of the most clear-eyed and penetrating analysts of culture. Outlaw culture - the culture of the margin, of women, of the disenfranchised, of racial and other minorities - lies at...
Book: Reef Fishes of the Sea of Cortez : The Rocky-Shore Fishes of the Gulf of Ca... First published in 1979, this guide has become the standard resource for scientists, divers, and spearfishers interested in the fishes of the tropical Pacific Coast. The authors have revised and updated this edition to include the most current...
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Mean Jake and the Devils by William H. Hooks (1981, Hardcover)
Book: Feminism Is for Everybody : Passionate Politics by Bell Hooks (2000, Hardco... Acclaimed cultural critic bell hooks presents a sharp analysis and open-hearted vision of feminism in this accessible and inspiring volume.
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Book: Where We Stand : Class Matters by Bell Hooks (2000, Hardcover) Drawing on both her roots in Kentucky and her adventures with Manhattan Coop boards, Where We Standis a successful black woman's reflection--personal, straight forward, and rigorously honest--on how our dilemmas of class and race are intertwined, and...
Book: Salvation : Black People and Love by Bell Hooks (2001, Hardcover) Acclaimed visionary and intellectual, bell hooks began her exploration of the meaning of love in American culture with the bestselling All About Love: New Visions. Here she continues her love song to the nation with the groundbreaking and...
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Book: Corrie Herring Hooks Ser.: Birds of the Texas Hill Country 50 by Mark W. Lo... "Count yourself fortunate that this book has arrived and that Lockwood is your guide. I recommend that you settle back for an enjoyable and highly informative read, and then follow Lockwood's directions to a personal field study of Edwards Plateau...
Parent Birds and Their Young No. 2 by Alexander Frank Skutch (1976, Hardcov...
VHS: Aaron Loves Angela (VHS, 1986) A take on the Romeo and Juliet/West Side Story set in Harlem. A black man (Hooks) falls in love with a Puerto Rican woman (Cara). Against the threadbare background of the ghetto, this story is all the more poignant without the trappings of wealth of...
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