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Book: The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird 36 by June Osborne (1998, Hardcover) There is no mistaking a hummingbird. Even people who hardly know a robin from a sparrow recognize that flash of iridescent feathers and the distinctive hovering flight. So popular have "hummers" become that even casual birdwatchers now travel great...
Book: Killing Rage : Ending Racism by Bell Hooks (1996, Paperback, Revised) One of our country's premier cultural and social critics, bell hooks has always maintained that eradicating racism and eradicating sexism must go hand in hand. But whereas many women have been recognized for their writing on gender politics, the...
Ain't I a Woman : Black Women and Feminism by Bell Hooks (1999, Hardcover)
Book: Classic Props in Camera Vol. 3 by Mike (Michael J) Hooks (1999, Hardcover) 
Book: Chasing Warblers 40 (1999, Hardcover) "I am very impressed by Bob and Vera Thornton' book. The photos are excellent. . . . I am especially impressed by the enthusiasm they bring to their subject."--Victor Emanuel, President, Victor Emanuel Nature ToursKnown to many as "the butterflies of...
Book: Feminist Theory : From Margin to Center by Bell Hooks (1984, Paperback) Eagerly awaited new volume in the South End Press Classics series, with a new Preface by hooks.
Book: Feminist Theory : From Margin to Center No. 5 by Bell Hooks (2000, Paperbac... An Interview with bell hooks, author of Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate PoliticsSOUTH END PRESS: Your work on radical black feminism has been an inspiration for many young feminists of color, and you yourself were in your early 20s when you...
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Book: Horned Lizards by Jane Manaster (1997, Hardcover) 
Book: Sisters of the Yam : Black Women and Self-Recovery by Bell Hooks (1993, Pap... "By confronting topics avoided in polite company--including progressive black folks--hooks helps us tackle our deepest fears, those we harbor about our self-worth as African Americans, and get on with the business of becoming".--Village Voice...
Book: Reef Fishes of the Sea of Cortez : The Rocky-Shore Fishes of the Gulf of Ca... First published in 1979, this guide has become the standard resource for scientists, divers, and spearfishers interested in the fishes of the tropical Pacific Coast. The authors have revised and updated this edition to include the most current...
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