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DVD: Discovery Atlas - China Revealed (Blu-ray Disc, 2006) This excellent DISCOVERY ATLAS program delves deep into the culture, landscape, traditions, changes, and people of contemporary China. Visually engaging, CHINA REVEALED ranges across the vast country, giving a panorama of the culture in interviews...
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DVD: Rush Hour 3 (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set, Special Edition) In director Brett Ratner's RUSH HOUR 3, African-American cop James Carter (Chris Tucker) once again reunites with Chinese inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) to both taunt and battle bad guys. Whereas the first movie was on Carter's turf, and the second was...
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DVD: Shanghai Noon/Shanghai Knights (Blu-ray Disc, 2013) An action-comedy double feature with a decidedly Western twist, SHANGHAI NOON and its follow-up SHANGHAI KNIGHTS offer high-flying acrobatics from superstar Jackie Chan and delightfully dry humor from co-star Owen Wilson. SHANGHAI NOON stars Jackie...
Book: Integrated Chinese : Traditional by Yuehua Liu and Yao (2008, Paperback, Re... This workbook provides graduated individual practice for the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
DVD: A Dangerous Man (DVD, 2010) Framed for murder and condemned to six years in prison, ex-Special Forces operative Shane Daniels (Steven Seagal is attempting to readjust to life on the outside when he finds himself at the center of a simmering street war between Chinese drug...
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Barbie Doll: Chinese Empress 1997 Barbie Doll 
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1 oz Gold Chinese Panda (Not Sealed)
2014 1 oz Silver Chinese Panda - MS-69 PCGS (Gold Label)
2015 1/4 oz Gold Chinese Panda (Sealed)
2014 1/4 oz Gold Chinese Panda MS-69 NGC (ER)
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