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DVD: Looney Tunes Golden Collection - Vol. 1-6 (DVD, 2011, 24-Disc Set) Propelled by the creative genius of Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, and Friz Freleng, Warner Brothers' LOONEY TUNES introduced the world to some of the greatest cartoon characters to ever grace the animated cel: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd,...
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DVD: Peter Pan (Blu-ray/DVD, 2013, 3-Disc Set, Diamond Edition; Includes Digital... Join mischievous Peter Pan, the young boy who refuses to grow up, his hot-tempered pixie pal, Tinker Bell and the Darling children as they soar away to the mysterious Never-Never land where childhood lasts forever in this magical, musical adventure....
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Muppets Most Wanted (DVD, 2014)The sequel to THE MUPPETS (2011) finds Kermit mistaken for a criminal mastermind named Constantine and thrown into a remote Siberian prison while his lookalike uses the Muppets' European tour as a means to steal the crown jewels. With the duplicitous...
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DVD: Brave (Blu-ray/DVD, 2012, 3-Disc Set, Collector's Edition) An impetuous princess discovers that her reckless choice has put both her family and her father's kingdom in peril in this animated adventure from Pixar films. As a toddler, Merida (voice of Kelly MacDonald) saw her father, King Fergus (Billy...
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DVD: Bambi (DVD, 2005, 2-Disc Set, Special Edition/Platinum Edition) In Disney's spectacularly animated forest fable, a fawn named Bambi is born, destined to become "Prince of the Forest." He soon befriends other woodland creatures such as Flower, a bashful skunk, and Thumper, an outgoing rabbit. As the years pass,...
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DVD: Kiki's Delivery Service (DVD, 2010, 2-Disc Set, Special Edition) Set in a time when airships still ruled the skies and World War II never happened, KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE is a coming-of-age tale that explores the difficulties of being a young witch. On her thirteenth birthday, budding witch Kiki is in a hurry to...
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The Christmas Candle (DVD, 2014)A young minister brings electricity to an English village during the late 20th Century, threatening a local tradition involving a candle capable of delivering Christmas miracles. According to local legend, an angel visits the quaint hamlet of...
DVD: Cars 2 (DVD, 2011) Cars 2 is a mainstream movie that was commercially released in 2011 by Disney-Pixar. The film is an animated comedy-adventure movie with a G rating. The movie is the follow up to Cars, the first in the series which was commercially released in 2006....
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DVD: Wreck-It Ralph (Blu-ray/DVD, 2013, 2-Disc Set) An 8-bit video-game character attempts to shed his bad-guy image by escaping into a popular first-person shooter, but inadvertently wreaks havoc in the video-game universe by freeing a digital villain who can only be contained with the help of a most...
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DVD: The Nightmare Before Christmas (DVD, 2010, Collector's Edition) Tim Burton's stop-motion animated feature finds Pumpkin King Jack Skellington thinking the grass is greener over in Santa Claus's holiday. He marshals all his goblins and ghouls to take over Christmas, but alas--poor Jack belongs to Halloween. An...
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