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Comic Book: The X-Men #140 (Dec 1980, Marvel) Enter the virtual Xavier's School for gifted youngsters in the Marvel X-Men #140 comic. Angel - the newcomer believes that Wolverine is a psychopath in this Marvel comic book. Professor X tells Angel that every mutant should be catered, no matter how...
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Baseball Card: 1979 - 1980 Topps Wayne Gretzky Edmonton Oilers #18 Hockey Card 
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Barbie Doll: Western 1980 Barbie Doll 
Baseball Card: 1980-1981 O-PEE-CHEE Mark Messier #289 Hockey Card 
Baseball Card: 1980 Topps Willie Mccovey #335 Baseball Card 
Coin: 1980-P SBA$1 Susan B. Anthony Dollar Jaime HernandezThe 1980-P Sacagawea Dollar is really common in circulated grades and even up to MS64 grades that many of these coins can be found in circulation. In MS65 condition it is a little more difficult to find in circulation but with enough...
Coin: 1980-P 25C Washington Quarter 
Book: More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell (1980, Paperback) Josh McDowell thought Christians must be "out of their minds". He put them down. He argued against their faith.But eventually he saw that his arguments wouldn't stand up. Jesus Christ really was God in human flesh. Josh became a speaker on college...
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Frank Frazetta : The Living Legend by Frank Frazetta and Eleanor Frazetta (...
Book: Field Guide to Trees : Western Region by Elbert L. Little and National Audu... All 933 identification pictures are full-color photos of significant details of virtually all native trees and many cultivated species as you see them in their natural habitat.
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