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VHS: The Sword in the Stone (VHS, 1998) According to legend, there was once a magical sword stuck in a sturdy rock, and whoever removed it would soon be deemed the king of all Britons. Disney's classic animated feature, SWORD IN THE STONE, tells the tale of the plucky lad who managed just...
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VHS: Stars and Stripes Forever (VHS, 1991) An entertaining biography of the "March King" John Philip Sousa, the man who gave the world some of its most stirring music. Highlighted by outstanding dance numbers.
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VHS: Cherfitness - A New Attitude (VHS, 1991) A revolutionary fitness program that reflects Chers' own personal style. The program features a workout focusing on various parts of the body - hips, thighs, chest, arms, legs, etc., formatted in modular segments.
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VHS: Fried Green Tomatoes (VHS, 1992) Academy Award winners Kathy Bates and Jessica Tandy star with Mary Stuart Masterson and Mary-Louise Parker in this comic, heartwarming tale of family, friendship and murder in rural Georgia. In a Southern nursing home, a feisty resident and old local...
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VHS: Darby's Rangers (VHS, 1993) Suggested by the book DARBY'S RANGERS by historian Major James Altieri, this film successfully combines the talents of old pro action director William Wellman with those of James Garner, in his first starring role. Garner portrays Major William...
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American History - Colonial America (1500-1600) (VHS)2 programs about America during the years the superpowers of Europe fought over her: "The Beginnings," and "The Way of Life."
VHS: The Jungle Book (VHS, 1995) A spirited, live-action feature of Rudyard Kipling's classic tale about a boy raised by animals in the jungle only to fall in love with an English girl. This sweeping, inspired and in many ways original movie was filmed on location in India with a...
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VHS: The Land Before Time III: The Time of Great Giving (VHS, 1995, Clamshell) When the Great Valley experiences a serious water shortage, Littlefoot and his dinokid pals try to find a new source of water before the adults start fighting with each other. A feature-length, animated, direct-to-video sequel. Recipient of a 1996...
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VHS: Mulan (VHS, 1999) Disney fashions a modern-day icon of girl power with its animated adaptation of the 2,000-year-old Chinese folktale MULAN. When barbarous Huns attack ancient China, the fiercely independent Mulan (voiced by Ming-Na Wen) defies tradition by disguising...
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VHS: Fantasia 2000 (VHS, 2000, With Commemorative Booklet) Following in the footsteps of the 1940 Disney classic, FANTASIA 2000 features seven animated short films set to classical compositions, along with the original version of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," starring Mickey Mouse. (This 2000 version also...
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