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VHS: A Muppet Family Christmas (VHS) SESAME STREET, MUPPET SHOW, and FRAGGLE ROCK Muppets converge for a musical yuletide special especially for kids! Fozzie Bear and his showbiz pals are headed to the country to spend Christmas at his mother's farmhouse. When all the muppet pals...
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VHS: Pokemon Vol. 6: Seaside Pikachu (VHS, 1999) Pikachu, Ash and their friends are trapped in a capsized St. Anne! How will they escape? Next, Pikachu and the other Pokemon get stranded on an island and are surrounded by large-sized Pokemon! Finally, Nastina joins up with Team Rocket in a crooked...
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VHS: Toy Story 2 (VHS, 2000) In this dazzling sequel to the 1995 blockbuster, Andy heads off to summer camp, leaving the toys behind to fend for themselves. In much the same way Buzz discovered he is a mass-produced product in the first installment, Woody discovers that he is a...
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VHS: Dragon Ball Z - Fusion: Box Set (VHS, 2003, 7-Tape Set, Unedited) The Dragon Ball Z anime series continues with this 7-volume set collecting every episode of the Fusion Saga, in which Goten and Trunks fuse into a single super warrior called Gotenks--and the dastardly villain Buu undergoes a transformation of his...
VHS: Back to the Future 2 (VHS, 1990) Picking up where BACK TO THE FUTURE left off, this effects-laden sequel sends Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd), and a souped-up DeLorean on a newly complex adventure through time. It�s still 1985 in the present, but Doc...
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VHS: Disney's Sing Along Songs - Very Merry Christmas Songs (VHS, 1997) Features such beloved holiday songs as "Deck the Halls," "Silent Night," "The Twelve Days of Christmas," and nine others, all performed to the animated antics of the Disney characters.
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The Driller Killer (VHS)Director Abel Ferrara's (BAD LIEUTENANT) first major feature has an infamous reputation but is actually more of an art film than a straightforward bloodletter. Tortured and penniless artist Reno (Ferrara) and his girlfriends Carol (Carolyn Marz) and...
VHS: It Came Upon the Midnight Clear (VHS) An old man promises to take his grandson to New York for Christmas, but dies before he is able to do so. In heaven, he makes a bargain with the archangel, and is allowed to return to earth on a special mission. Made for television.
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VHS: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (VHS, 1994) The third in the series of National Lampoon's 'Vacation' films, this sequel concerns the Griswold family's holiday get-together. This time they're trying to have a picture book, old-fashioned Christmastime--even though all the in-laws are dropping...
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VHS: Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown! (VHS, 1995) Charlie Brown, Lucy, Snoopy and the rest of the "Peanuts" gang get into a wild adventure on a raft at summer camp, learning courage, leadership, and teamwork along the way.
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