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Book: Lot-Sizing and Scheduling for Flexible Flow Lines 546 by Daniel Quadt (2004... Das schonste GlUck des denkenden M ens chen ist, das Erforschliche erforscht zu haben und das Unerforschliche ruhig zu verehren JOHANN WOLFGANG VON Gm THE In the sense of Goethe, I hope this book helps to shift the fine line between the inaccessible...
Book: Software Cost Estimation and Sizing Methods, Issues, and Guidelines by Shar... "Software Cost Estimation and Sizing Methods: Issues and Guidelines recommends an approach to improving the utility and accuracy of software cost estimates by exposing uncertainty (in understanding the project) and reducing the risks associated with...
Book: Advances in Thermal Design of Heat : A Numerical Approach: Direct-Sizing, S... The primary objective in any engineering design process has to be the elimination of uncertainties. In thermal design of heat exchangers there are presently many stages in which assumptions in mathematical solution of the design problem are being...
Sizing up People by Donald A. Laird and Eleanor C. Laird (1961, Paperback)
Book: Software Sizing, Estimation, and Risk Management : When Performance Is Meas... To achieve consistent software project success under the pressures of today's software development environment, software organizations require achievable plans including viable estimates of schedule, resources, and risks. To estimate realistically,...
Advances in Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers: A Numerical Approach: Direct...
Book: Sizing in Clothing by Ashdown S Staff (2007, Hardcover) Discusses the history of sizing systems and their affect on the mass production of ready-to-wear clothing. This book reviews methods for constructing fresh sizing systems and the standardization of national and international sizing systems. It is...
Book: Analog Design Centering and Sizing by Helmut E. Graeb (2007, Hardcover) This book represents a compendium of fundamental problem formulations of analog design centering and sizing. It provides a differentiated knowledge about the tasks of analog design centering and sizing. In particular the worst-case problem will be...
Book: Goss's Roofing Ready Reckoner : Metric Cutting and Sizing Tables for Timber... Goss?s Roofing Ready Reckoner provides rafter dimensions for timber roofs of any span and pitch. Additional information is provided on wall plate and gable strapping, wind bracing, truss clips and other roofing metalwork, and tools and equipment....
Book: Sizing up Measurement : Activities for Grades 6-8 Classrooms by Ann Lawrenc... Expert teachers share a wealth of classroom-tested lessons that help students understand why and how to measure, focusing on concepts important to the middle school math curriculum, including length, area, volume, ratio and rates, similarity, and...
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