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Book: Finding Our Fathers : A Guidebook to Jewish Genealogy by Dan Rottenberg (19... 
A Historical Genealogy for Roy-DesJardins Dit Lauzier, Dionne, Gendrea, Bou...
Pocket Guide to Irish Genealogy by Brian Mitchell (1999, Paperback)
Pogue-Pollock-Polk Genealogy As Mirrored in History : From Scotland to Nort...
Book: Origins of New Mexico Families : A Genealogy of the Spanish Colonial Period... This book is considered to be the starting place for anyone having family history ties to New Mexico, and for those interested in the history of New Mexico. Well before Jamestown and the Pilgrims, New Mexico was settled continuously beginning in 1598...
A Researcher's Library of Georgia History, Genealogy, and Records Sources b...
The Oregon Trail Diary of Rev. Edward Evans Parrish in 1844 : The Unabridge...
Book: A Student's Guide to Native American Genealogy Oryx American Family Tree by... This series of student research tools explains the process of genealogical research while creating opportunities to practice and integrate social studies skills.
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Vol. I : North Carolina by Willia...
Book: Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy Vol. V : Ohio Meetings by William... 
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