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Book: The Perreaus and Mrs. Rudd : Forgery and Betrayal in Eighteenth-Century Lon... The Perreaus and Mrs. Rudd tells the remarkable story of a complex forgery uncovered in London in 1775. Like the trials of Martin Guerre and O.J. Simpson, the Perreau-Rudd case - filled with scandal, deceit, and mystery - preoccupied a public hungry...
The Mormon Murders : A True Story of Greed, Forgery, Deceit and Death by St...
The Piltdown Forgery : Fiftieth Anniversary Edition by J. S. Weiner (1981, ...
Book: The Poet and the Murderer : A True Story of Literary Crime and the Art of F... 
Authenticity in Art: The Scientific Detection of Forgery by Stuart James Fl...
Cultures of Forgery: Making Nations, Making Selves by Judith Ryan (2003, Ha...
Book: Forging His Chains : £1,000,000 Forgery on the Bank of England ¿ the Autobi... 
Book: Cultures of Forgery : Making Nations, Making Selves (2003, Paperback) InCultures of Forgery, leading literary studies and cultural studies scholars examine the double meaning of the word "forge"-to create or to form, on the one hand, and to make falsely, on the other. Eleven essays take on a broad range of topics,...
This Solemn Mockery: The Art of Literary Forgery by John Whitehead (1973, B...
VHS: Masterpiece or Forgery? - The Story of Elmyr de Hory (VHS, 1998) Elmyr de Hory was called "the Myth of the Century" when the world found out that he had forged over 1,000 paintings, estimated to be worth over 100 million dollars, many of which are probably still in museums around the world. Elmyr musteriously...
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