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2015 1/20 oz Gold Chinese Panda (Sealed)
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1997 1/10 oz Gold Chinese Panda Sm Date MS-69 NGC (Frosted Leg)
Book: Chinese Jump Rope by Anne Akers Johnson (1997, Mixed Media) A guide to the universally popular playground game, Chinese JumpRope come with two sturdy elastic ropes in different colours andlengths. Features illustrated step-by-step instructions for ninedifferent games, as well as how to make your own Chinese...
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Book: The Five Chinese Brothers by Claire Huchet Bishop (1996, Paperback) The classic picture-story about five clever brothers, each with a different extraordinary ability, has been in print for over 50 years. "An original nonsense tale told with...spirit and gusto." -- The Horn Book
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DVD: Born Yesterday (DVD, 2000, Subtitled in Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, ... Judy Holliday reprises her Broadway role in this fresh and entertaining comedy based on Garson Kanin's play, directed by George Cukor. Although reputedly not the first choice for the film role, Holliday won an Academy Award for her priceless...
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DVD: Hard Boiled (DVD, 2007, 2-Disc Set, Ultimate Edition) When a tough police officer's (Chow Yun-Fat) partner is brutally murdered, he joins forces with another loose-cannon cop (Tony Leung) to exact his own bloody revenge on the gun-smuggling gangsters responsible for his friend's death. A lot of action,...
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DVD: The Legend of Drunken Master (DVD, 2001, Domestic) This sequel to 1978's DRUNKEN MASTER features Jackie Chan returning to his role as the mischievous martial artist who outsmarts his father and tangles with Euro-thugs in the streets of Hong Kong in order to rescue stolen Chinese artifacts. Chan...
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DVD: Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (DVD, 2012) An excessively gory, over-the-top adaptation of the extreme manga "Riki Oh." When his drug-addled girlfriend commits suicide, the titular hero kills her dealer and finds himself locked up in a privatized prison where the accused have no rights. The...
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DVD: Ebola Syndrome (DVD, 2007) When Sam is caught sleeping with his boss's wife, he kills several people and flees to Africa. There he begins to kill other people and serve them in the restaurant he now owns, spreading the deadly Ebola virus to all who eat there. After the...
DVD: Shaolin Soccer (DVD, 2004) Hong Kong satirist Stephen Chow wrote, directed, and stars in this hilarious spoof of sports and kung fu movie cliches. Chow plays "Mighty Steel Leg" Sing, who can kick soda cans through walls, and is a natural soccer star in the eyes of crippled...
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