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VHS: Scarlett (VHS, 1997, Special Collector's Edition) A sequel to GONE WITH THE WIND in which Scarlett (played by the lovely Joanne Whalley of SCANDAL and WILLOW) refuses to accept Rhett's rejection and travels to Charleston to win him back. Unable to change his mind, she travels to Ireland, stirring up...
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VHS: Goosebumps - The Haunted Mask (VHS, 1996) The Fox-TV kids' series comes to video in this first installment of funny, spine-chilling stories based on the book series by R.L. Stine. In this episode, a little girl has trouble taking off the ugly mask she put on for revenge. Includes a look...
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VHS: Toy Story (VHS, 1996) In the first full-length computer-animated movie, a little boy's toys are thrown into chaos when a new Space Ranger arrives to vie for supremacy with the boy's old favorite (a wooden cowboy). When the feuding toys become lost, they are forced to set...
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VHS: Tae Bo Workout 2 Pack (VHS, 1998, 2-Tape Set, Basic and Instructional Video... Celebrity fitness instructor and martial arts champion Billy Blanks leads a group of participants in a series of highly effective and hugely fun Tae Bo kickboxing exercise routines. This two tape set contains an Introduction in which the basic moves...
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VHS: Barney - Once Upon a Time (VHS, 2000, Classic Collection) Barney, Baby Bop and the others are joined by Stella the Storyteller in this fun-filled program. Stories presented include "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," "Rumpelstiltskin" and "Rapunzel."
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Barney - Barney's Campfire Sing-Along (VHS)Learning the fun of camping out, the gang encounters all sorts of woodland creatures, study the stars, learn valuable forest safety lessons, and best of all - have fun.
VHS: The Frog Prince (VHS, 1994) The classic story of the Frog and the Princess is recreated with the lovable Muppet characters. Kermit the Frog plays the title role.
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VHS: Jaws (VHS, 2000, 2-Tape Set, Anniversary Collector's Edition Double-Pack) From the best-selling novel by Peter Benchley, Steven Spielberg directed this thrill ride of terror. During the height of beach season, the Massachusetts resort town of Amity Island is terrorized one summer by surprise attacks from a great white...
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VHS: King of Kings (VHS, 1996, 2-Tape Set) A splendid, deeply moving screen biography of Christ. Especially memorable is the portion of the film depicting the "Sermon on the Mount."
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VHS: Let It Ride (VHS, 1992) Gambling man Trotter (Dreyfus) has promised his wife Pam (Teri Garr) that he's given up betting at the track. But when he gets a tip on a sure thing the following weekend, he's sure he can't lose. He wins on a fifty dollar bet, and turns his winnings...
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