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VHS: Disney's Sing Along Songs - The Little Mermaid: Under the Sea (VHS, 1990) Includes songs from and inspired by the film THE LITTLE MERMAID.
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Kidsongs - What I Want to Be (VHS)Songs include: "What Do You Want To Be," "School Days," "I Wanna Be a Fireman," and "Them Bones."
VHS: Not Without My Daughter (VHS, 1991, Movie Time) Betty Mahmoody (Sally Field) is an American woman, wife of an Iranian-born doctor, who travels to Iran under her husband's pretense of a vacation. She is horrified to learn her husband intends to live there and refuses to allow her or their daughter...
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VHS: The Aristocats (VHS, 1996) Set in 1910, this Disney animated classic offers plenty of adventure, humor and music (especially performances by Maurice Chevalier). After high-society cat Duchess (Eva Gabor) and her three kittens inherit a fortune from their mistress, a greedy...
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VHS: Two Tars (VHS) This road comedy sets our boys as sailors on leave facing various trials and tribulations in a rented car. Diverted from crashing, by two shore lovelies in distress, Stan and Laurel begin by destroying a couple of gumball machines covering the side...
VHS: A Bug's Life (VHS, 1999) The computer animation crew at Pixar--the creators of TOY STORY--return with another feature rife with stunningly rendered worlds populated by cute critters you can't help but care about. The story is simple--an ant colony led by Flik (Dave Foley)...
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Tae Bo Workout 4 Pack (VHS, 1999, 4-Tape Set, 4 Tapes)Billy Blanks has black belts in six styles of martial arts and 36 gold medals. His workout system is no less eclectic combining Tae Kwon Do, boxing, and dance. This set includes the Instructional Workout, the Basic Workout, the 8-Minute Workout and...
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VHS: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (VHS, 2000) The first of three prequels to George Lucas's celebrated STAR WARS films, EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE is set some 30 years before the original STAR WARS EPISODE IV: A NEW HOPE in the era of the Republic. Naboo, a peaceful planet governed by the...
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VHS: Love With the Proper Stranger (VHS) A tough and tender love story about a foot-loose musician and the Macy's salesgirl who is carrying his child. Academy Award Nominations: 4, including Best Actress--Natalie Wood, Best (Original) Story and Screenplay.
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VHS: Pete's Dragon (VHS, 1998) This heartwarming musical blends animation and music to highlight the story of a young boy who is befriended by a delightful dragon. The film features charming performances from Mickey Rooney, Helen Reddy, Jim Dale, Shelley Winters, and the great Red...
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