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Game: Zombies Ate My Neighbors  (Sega Genesis, 1993) Zombies Ate My Neighbors places you in the middle of a zombie takeover. You play the part of either Zeke or Julie. The objective is to save your neighbors from the zombies.Your primary weapon is a squirt gun but you can pick up many different weapons...
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DVD: Resident Evil: Extinction (DVD, 2008) It's three years after the action of RESIDENT EVIL: APOCALYPSE, and the world has turned to desert in this third film based on the now-classic video game RESIDENT EVIL. Survivors of the zombie-making T-virus are few and far between, but Alice (Milla...
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Game: Plants vs. Zombies  (PC, 2009) Stop the fun-loving zombies to enter your home with the Plants vs. Zombies game for PC. Defend yourself with the help of zombie-zapping plants in this real-time strategy game. In this video game, the nursery consists of peashooters and cherry bombs,...
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DVD: Dawn of the Dead (DVD, 2004, Theatrical Version) Picking up where NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD left off, and still offering no explanation of why the dead are walking the earth, DAWN OF THE DEAD plunges headlong into one of the most violent and original horror films ever made. After securing an...
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Dead Alive (DVD, 1998, Unrated Version)Peter Jackson, master of subversive comedy, presents the story of a hapless young man whose overbearing mother gets him into a heap of trouble when she catches a bizarre zombie virus and starts turning innocent passersby into walking corpses. This...
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DVD: The Gate (DVD, 2009, Special Edition) Two teenagers come across a special rock with a beautiful crystalline center in their backyard. The rock enthralls them and they dig up the family's lawn in a search for more of the precious stones, but instead find the Gate. It's a hidden...
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DVD: Phantasm 2 (Blu-ray Disc, 2013) The mortician known as "The Tall Man" returns with his deadly spheres to recruit new members for his army of the undead.
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DVD: Return of the Living Dead (DVD, 2002, Widescreen and Full Frame) Do you wanna party? The freshly risen undead certainly do in this horror-comedy that finds two employees of a medical supply company unwittingly releasing several zombies from cylinders in which they have been trapped for many years. The nasty...
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DVD: Night of the Comet (Blu-ray/DVD, 2013, 2-Disc Set) After a brilliant comet passes overhead, most people die instantly while others who were indirectly exposed to its rays are turned into flesh-eating zombies. Escaping injury, two "valley-girl" sisters team up with other survivors to combat the...
DVD: Resident Evil: Afterlife (Blu-ray Disc, 2010) Experience a new dimension in action horror as director Paul W.S. Anderson uses the 3D technology pioneered by James Cameron and Vincent Pace to take movie lovers on a nightmare thrill-ride. It's been five years since the zombie virus swept across...
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