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Buying Quality : How Purchasing, Quality Control and Suppliers Work Togethe...
Arms Industries : New Suppliers and Regional Security by Ralph Sanders (199...Explores the national security implications to the U.S. of the spread of arms production capabilities in newly industrialized countries. Map.
Book: Arms Industries : New Suppliers and Regional Security by Ralph Sanders (200... 
Book: Business Partnering for Continuous Improvement : How to Forge Enduring Alli... If you want to make the drive for quality, productivity, and profit improvement a permanent feature of your organisation, the concept of "partnering" - building alliances among employees, suppliers, and customers - must become an integral part of...
Guide to the Specialist Nurseries and Garden Suppliers of Britain and Irela...
International Missile Bazaar : The New Suppliers' Network (1993, Paperback)
Subcontracting Electronics : A Management and Technical Guide for Purchaser...
Native American Crafts Directory : A Guide for Locating Craft Shops and Cra...
Book: Composites : A Profile of the World-Wide Reinforced Plastics Industry - Mar... Following the success of the second (1995) edition, this report takes a fresh perspective on the industry, reviewing changes and developments in industry structure, corporate strategies, market condition, technology and application trends. This...
The Covert Catalog, 2000 : Survillance, Covert Entry, and Investigative Equ...
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