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Book: How to Draw and Paint Ser.: Drawing - How to Draw 1 Vol. 1 by Walter T. Fos... In this valuable book--which also features contributions by acclaimed artist William F. Powell--Walter T. Foster invites you into his artistic world and shows you how to draw a variety of subjects. He explains the materials needed to get started, as...
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Book: Watercolor 1 : Learn the Basics of Watercolor Painting by Caroline Linscott... In the HOW TO DRAW AND PAINT series, this book contains pictures by professional artists to inspire readers of all skill levels, providing advice on different techniques, composition, colour and perspective.
Book: Drawing-Basic Anatomy and Figure Drawing : Learn to Draw the Human Figure b... The human form has captivated artists for ages, but its unique and subtle characteristics can pose quite a challenge to even more experienced artists. In this beginner's guide, fine artist Ken Goldman offers the perfect introduction to the...
Book: Eddie Paul's Paint and Bodywork Handbook : Secrets from a Master Customizer... California customizer Eddie Paul has built everything from mechanical sharks, to spectacular hot rods, to movie cars for the Fast & Furious. But long before he was a custom car whiz, Paul was a basic paint and bodywork man, honing his craft through...
CD: Cowboys Ain't Easy To Love/Paint Me Back Home In Wyoming [Remaster] by Chri... Audio Remasterer: David McEowen.After two decades of trying, the cowboy singer Chris Ledoux eventually parlayed a successful rodeo career into chart hits in the early 1990s, with a generous testimonial from the country superstar Garth Brooks. This...
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Book: Enchanting Fairies : How to Paint Charming Fairies and Flowers by Barbara L... Follow Barbara Lanza down a magical path as she shows you how to capture the wonder and mischief of fairies. Then learn to add elements such as wings, nature-inspired clothing and romantic settings. With brilliant colors and some basic techniques,...
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Book: How to Draw and Paint Fairyland : A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating the Worl... Art students aspiring to diverse careers that range from book illustration to creating animated films will value this book as a solid, practical tutorial. The author instructs in methods for creating imaginative and atmospheric fairy habitats in...
Paintball: Paintball Paint Ball Paintball Marker 
Book: Enchanting Elves : Paint Elven Worlds and Fantasy Characters by Barbara Lan... Capture the wonder and whimsy of elves in watercolor Much has been written about fairies, but elves on the other hand, are a much more respectable and private sort-so artists wishing to capture their likeness have been left largely to their own...
Book: How to Draw and Paint Anatomy : Creating Life-Like Humans and Realistic Ani... Every page is packed with easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance on how to create better human and creature figures, written and illustrated by professionals, while the accompanying CD supports the anatomy and painting workshops with videos and...
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