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DVD: Yo Gabba Gabba!: Birthday Boogie (DVD, 2010) This high-energy, musically themed release for small children includes four episodes of the colorful series YO GABBA GABBA!: in BIRTHDAY, the gang prepare a surprise for Brobee, in DRESS UP, the Gabbaland friends have fun putting on different...
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Barbie Doll: Birthday Wishes 2004 Barbie Doll 
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Game: Dora's Big Birthday Adventure  (Wii, 2010) Dora's Big Birthday Adventure for Wii is based directly on the special prime-time television episode of the same title, which concludes the cartoon series' "Magic Storybook Trilogy" and follows Dora and Boots on their adventure back home from Wizzle...
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Czechoslovakia 100 Korun, 1949, 70th Birthday - Josef V. Stalin
Book: Love Cards : What Your Birthday Reveals about You and Your Personal Relatio... 
Barbie Doll: Birthday Barbie 1996 Doll 
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DVD: When a Stranger Calls/Happy Birthday to Me (Blu-ray Disc, 2013) 
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When Is My Birthday? by Ray Sipherd (1988, Hardcover)
Book: Happy Birthday, Molly : A Springtime Story Bk. 4 by Valerie Tripp (1988, Pa... Molly is excited to learn that an English girl is coming to stay at the McIntires - just in time for Molly's birthday! But Emily turns out to be different from the glamorous girl Molly pictured. Emily is shy and standoffish. Then Molly discovers she...
Book: Junie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim's Birthday No. 6 by Barbara Park (1996, ... Guess who'snotinvited? That meanie Jim has invited everyone in Room Nine to his birthday party on Saturday -- except Junie B.! Should she have her own birthday party six months early and not invite Jim? Or should she move to It's a Small World After...
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