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Obstacles (DVD, 2003)Two inner city youths, Daryll (D-Shot) and Big June (E-40), take different paths, only to converge yet again years later and clash violently. College-bound Daryll, seduced by the world of crime in order to provide for his family, moves in on Big...
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Book: Hooks-Only Crochet from Start to Finish (2006, Paperback) All 82 projects in this book require only a crochet hook and yarn--nothing else! Softcover.
DVD: Designing Women: The Final Season (DVD, 2012, 4-Disc Set) This set contains every episode from the final season of the CBS sitcom DESIGNING WOMEN. That run of shows saw Judith Ivey join the cast for a series of stories that include Anthony's disastrous trip to Vegas, Carlene dating a transvestite, and all...
Mossy Oak: Hooks & Horns  (PC, 2006)
Book: Over-The-Door Pocket Chart Hooks by Carson-Dellosa Publishing Staff (2014, ... Out of room? Need a place to hang another pocket chart? These handy Over-the-Door Pocket Chart Hooks will give teachers an instant solution to the perennial classroom space problem. It's simple: Just hang the hooks on either side of the top of a...
Book: The Mighty Santa Fe by William H. Hooks (1993, Picture Book) 
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Book: Tina Modotti : Photographer and Revolutionary by Margaret Hooks (1995, Hard... 
Book: Snowbear Whittington : An Appalachian Beauty and the Beast by William H. Ho... 
Book: The Cardinal (1995, Paperback) In this inviting guide, June Osborne and Barbara Garland follow a year in the life of the Northern Cardinal with a fact-filled text and glowing color photographs. They describe how cardinals stake out territory and choose mates, find a nesting site...
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Book: Butterflies of Houston and Southeast Texas 32 by Gloria Tveten, John L. Tve... All across the country, butterflies are becoming as popular as birds and wildflowers, especially among people seeking to enjoy the rich natural resources that Texas possesses. John and Gloria Tveten have been studying butterflies in Southeast Texas...
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