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World Coins: Afghanistan 50 Pul, 1980 
Coin: 1980-P SBA$1 Susan B. Anthony Dollar Jaime HernandezThe 1980-P Sacagawea Dollar is really common in circulated grades and even up to MS64 grades that many of these coins can be found in circulation. In MS65 condition it is a little more difficult to find in circulation but with enough...
Book: Field Guide to Eastern Birds by Roger T. Peterson (1980, Hardcover) 
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Comic Book: The X-Men #138 (Oct 1980, Marvel) 
Coin: 1980-D 50C Kennedy Half Dollar Jaime HernandezThe 1980-D Kennedy Half Dollars can still be found in circulation. Only examples in MS66 or higher can be more difficult to find in circulation and most examples in this condition or higher probably come from original rolls or mint...
Coin: 1980-S SBA$1 DC (Proof) Susan B. Anthony Dollar David HallAll proof Susan B. Anthony dollars are Deep Cameo. The few non-Deep Cameos on the PCGS Population Report are holdovers from the time before PCGS began designating "DCAM" on Susan B. Anthony dollars.
Book: More Than a Carpenter by Josh McDowell (1980, Paperback) Josh McDowell thought Christians must be "out of their minds". He put them down. He argued against their faith.But eventually he saw that his arguments wouldn't stand up. Jesus Christ really was God in human flesh. Josh became a speaker on college...
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Book: Al-Anon's Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Vol. 8 by Inc. Staff Al-Anon F... 
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Comic Book: The New Teen Titans #1 (Nov 1980, DC) 
Comic Book: The X-Men #137 (Sep 1980, Marvel) 
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