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American Artists' Materials Vol. 1 : Suppliers Directory, Nineteenth Centur...
Book: California's Shrinking Defense Contractors : Effects on Small Suppliers by ... Examines the effects of defense downsizing on the aerospace industry.
The Five Stages of Managed Care : Strategies for Providers, HMOs, and Suppl...
Book: Raising the Rafters : How to Assemble Your Team of Architects, Contractors,... The ultimate insider's guide to organizing the people you'll need to get your dream house built. Architect and consultant Stephen Collier guides you step-by-step through the rigorous project of getting your own house built just the way you want it....
Trade Shows Worldwide, 1997 : An International Directory of Events, Facilit...
Food and Beverage Market Place : Suppliers Edition (1999, Paperback)
Buying Quality : How Purchasing, Quality Control and Suppliers Work Togethe...
Arms Industries : New Suppliers and Regional Security by Ralph Sanders (199...Explores the national security implications to the U.S. of the spread of arms production capabilities in newly industrialized countries. Map.
Book: Arms Industries : New Suppliers and Regional Security by Ralph Sanders (200... 
Book: Business Partnering for Continuous Improvement : How to Forge Enduring Alli... If you want to make the drive for quality, productivity, and profit improvement a permanent feature of your organisation, the concept of "partnering" - building alliances among employees, suppliers, and customers - must become an integral part of...
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